World to end June 12th. You won’t be one of the chosen people.

You’re probably thinking I was checking out the nutbags over at The True Bible Code and Lord’s Witnesses again, but not this time. Those guys have already announced that the world has ended, judicially (whatever that means), last April 20th and are expecting a nuclear bomb in New York on June 11th.

No, this is an entirely new bunch of nutbags:

An elusive group just outside of Abilene, Texas is claiming the end of the world is coming in less than a week.

The House of Yahweh recently gave ABC reporter Brian Ross access to their west Texas compound. Yahweh leader Yisrayl Hawkins says a nuclear holocaust will come June 12th and only members of his group will be saved.

All group members change their last names to Hawkins and live in the compound.

These guys are MUCH more credible than the True Bible guys cause they’ve only been wrong twice before and not a hundred-gazillion times like the TB dudes. Plus these House of Yahweh dudes were actually on ABC’s 20/20 news program. Something the TB guys can only dream of:

Nuclear war will begin next Thursday, June 12, or sooner, according to the latest prediction of self-proclaimed prophet Yisrayl “Buffalo Bill” Hawkins, the founder of a religious sect in Abilene, Texas.

“It could be turned loose before then,” Hawkins told 20/20 for a report to be broadcast tonight. “You’re going to see this very soon, really soon,” he said.

Hundreds of truck trailers have been loaded with food and water on the group’s 44-acre compound, in preparation for the coming war.

Unfortunately for Hawkins, it is not the first time he predicted the outbreak of nuclear war.

Most recently, Hawkins set Sept. 12, 2006 as the beginning of the end.

His followers produced an on-line video with a countdown to doomsday.

In Kenya, hundreds of his followers actually hid in basement bomb shelters and donned gas masks on the date.

They went home in humiliation when there was no war.

Oopsie! That predictin’ shit is hard! Still there’s no harm in trying, right? Especially if you can make a few bucks along the way:

“He’s been saying just give me two more years, we’re right at the end,” said former member Miriam Martin who left in 2004.

“Why would you give up now? That’s how he controls people, is through fear,” Martin said.

Other former members say they are required to buy doomsday food and supplies from a company that Hawkins owns personally, Life Nutrition Products.

“Everything that he preaches has to do with people buying something,” said former House of Yahweh elder David Als of New York City. 

Get ‘em scared and then soak them for all their worth. Oh if only I didn’t have any scruples. Some of his followers, however, are showing signs of having critical thinking skills in the long run:

Like many of the his followers, Als actually legally changed his last name to Hawkins because he became convinced that only those named Hawkins would be saved.

“I’m a Black man from New York city. We’re supposed to be slick and wise to the street and he had me hook, line and sinker,” Als told 20/20.

Just a shame some of them have to learn how to use their brains the hard way…

20 thoughts on “World to end June 12th. You won’t be one of the chosen people.

  1. I can usually see why religious folks fall for scams of this nature, but there is absolutely no Biblical backing for any scheme which claims that only people named Hawkins will be “saved”.

  2. My Mums maiden name was Hawkins- how safe am I.  Also rather importantly- WHEN? Are we talking GMT, or do Americans believe that armageddon should revolve round them?  This is important, as I am supposed to be going to a recording of QI on Thursday.

  3. Funny how this great , loving, merciful god makes about 7 billion humans but decides to kill them all and save about 100…sound like some teenager playing a video game…

  4. Why do I get a slight awful feeling everytime I see one of these unfounded doomsday predictions?

    I guess I’m not a 100% formed skeptic. Aw, well. At least they have more credibility than the LW.

  5. Did god say what time zone the end of the world was concerned with?
    Coz it’s gone 3:00pm here in France and I’m still waiting.

    Why does Yahweh, a mid-east desert god get so concerned with the USA?

  6. Look if he wants me for his sick pleasures that’s cool and all. But I spent all this time and money, at least let me go through with it tongue wink

  7. What are you all still doing here?

    Even Texas (the centre of the world) has just clicked over to the 13th.  Not to mention us Australians who have been waiting over 15 hours now.

    I was so looking forward to doomsday, too.


  8. I’ll catch the next end of the world.

    I thought you said the end of the next world. That would have been kinda funny.

  9. No, no, people, we’re talking about god here: he can simply create another twelth june later this year! That way everyone will wake up, think to themselves “hmmn, thats weird, i expected it to be July, ah well” and that way a whole load more unbelievers will be sent to hell.

  10. Suppose I shouldn’t have run up all those credit cards after all. Oops.

    Let’s think like an apologist. The world did end, but this bearded sky-dude immediately reinstalled a backup copy because the production run didn’t yet yield the expected results.

  11. Hawkins is a damn idiot. I wish I could have been there on June 13th at 12am, and stood and laughed in his face. What a crazy shit head.

  12. Happy wedding, Webbs. Aren’t you glad Hawkins was wrong? I wonder if they took the name from Stephen – probably so, since they misspelled it.  snake  snake
    By the way, you do know their leader is in jail awaiting trial for polygamy? I’ve also heard the #2 leader has been arrested for raping a 14-year-old. What a wonderful bunch!!!

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