Videos of “Spore” creatures are up on YouTube. Also Sporepedia is up.

While the game itself won’t be out until September, the creature creator will be released on June 17th. The folks at Maxis have already given it to some folks to try out including a bunch of celebrities that are competing to win money for a charity of their choice by designing a cool creature. Already there are some very interesting designs showing up on the Official Spore YouTube channel. Here are some of my favorites:

As you can see, the variations in form are pretty impressive and this doesn’t even include the editors for buildings and vehicles that the full game will come with.

They’ve also launched the Sporepedia which already has 739 creatures in it. This also shows off a wide range of forms, but is no substitute for seeing them in action. Can hardly wait for this game to come out.

2 thoughts on “Videos of “Spore” creatures are up on YouTube. Also Sporepedia is up.

  1. I think this and Fallout are the next two games I’m looking forward too, looks to be a lot of fun.

  2. What the crap is up with the fig leaves on the inverto-monkey?  Seriously…?  Please tell me that’s a choice by the creator, and not something that is mandated by the game. 

    Oh noes, a penis!  lol.

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