Recycling CFL bulbs just got easier. Home Depot offers to take in dead bulbs.

We’ve been using CFLs around the house for awhile now and overall we’re happy with them, but recycling them is a bit of a pain and tossing them in the trash is bad for the environment. Things just got a little easier, though, thanks to a new recycling program launched by Home Depot:

“We kept hearing from the community that there was a little bit of concern about mercury in the C.F.L.’s,” said Ron Jarvis, Home Depot’s senior vice president for environmental innovation, using the industry abbreviation for the bulbs. “And if the C.F.L.’s were in their house, how could they dispose of them?”

Until now, consumers had to seek out local hazardous waste programs or smaller retail chains willing to collect the bulbs for recycling, like Ikea and True Value. Some consumers have waited for retailers like Wal-Mart to have a designated recycling day. Others bought kits to mail the bulbs to a recycling facility.

[…] Home Depot’s program, which will accept any maker’s bulbs, will bring relatively convenient recycling within reach of most households. Mr. Jarvis estimated that 75 percent of the nation’s homes are within 10 miles of a Home Depot.

“We’re trying to do the right thing,” he said. “Some of the things that we do are for the community and not for the bottom line.”

Not being much of a home handyman I don’t go to Home Depot often, but this will help to ensure it happens more than it already does. Kudos to HD for being the first to start a nationwide program that’ll help promote the use of CFL bulbs.

5 thoughts on “Recycling CFL bulbs just got easier. Home Depot offers to take in dead bulbs.

  1. I was worried about this (disposal) when I first read about the mercury issue with CFL bulbs.  Thanks for the heads up Les.

  2. Mr. Jarvis estimated that 75 percent of the nation’s homes are within 10 miles of a Home Depot.

    I wonder what that figure might be for other large chains, like McDonalds.

  3. It’s nice of HD.  But don’t they still end up in the landfill, just in bigger piles?  Doesn’t anyone know that Philips Electronics is behind the lobby that persuaded Congress to mandate CFL bulbs – this is a bigger scam than the bozo who forced low-flo toilets on us 20 years ago.

  4. Remember Phil Hartman (God rest his funny soul) as the anal-retentive-chef on SNL? (watch on YouTube) Well, that is what comes to mind when imagining millions of CFL bulb users across the USA following the preposterously detailed/annoying/unrealistic clean-up steps required in the event of a CFL bulb breakage! So, let’s say that you are the ever-conciencious and dutiful cleaner-upper/correct-disposer of a broken CFL bulb in your home. Do you really think that everyone else will be of the same responsible mindset? I think not. And herein lies the problem: your hypervigilance will be for naught, as the throngs of incorrect disposers of CFL bulbs will create multitudes of landfills and dumps laden with tons of mercury laced shards which will surely comtaminate the water supply (and whatever else). Then when the damage is done, the government will announce (surprise, surrrprrrise!), “WE HAVE AN ECOLOGICAL EMERGENCY HERE, FOLKS!”

  5. Lucas Cruikshank (16 year-old YouTube star) as Fred Figglehorn, would be absolutely hilarious doing the video: Fred cleans up a broken CFL bulb (watch YouTube: Fred lost his meds). The script, even if merely reading the detailed/rediculous steps outlined at CFL clean-up/disposal sites, would be very funny as acted out by LC as Fred!

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