Piss poor Jesus image in slab of granite gets the TBs all excited.

Jesus’ self-portraits have been going downhill for awhile now, but this is just sad. I mean just look at the pathetic excuse for art he’s trying to pass off:

DALLAS (CBS 11 News) ―  Workers at a marble company in Dallas say they have a slab of natural granite that has the image of Jesus in it.

[…] Those who look at the 6×10 foot slab say they can see the head and arms of Jesus, along with either a belt, sword or glowing book.

The company has pulled the slab from its inventory and put it on display.

[…] The company owners say they feel blessed to have the piece and hope to sell it and donate the proceeds to a struggling church in Madill, Oklahoma.

It looks to me like Jesus is trying for the “Han Solo Frozen in Carbonite” look. One of the worst pareidolias of the year. But at least they’re going to donate the money they get from selling this thing. Too bad it’s going to a church and not something useful like curing cancer.

9 thoughts on “Piss poor Jesus image in slab of granite gets the TBs all excited.

  1. I’ve got some coffee stained sheets of paper they might be interested in buying.

  2. I wish I was characterless enough to fleece the devout.  But NOoooooo, I work for a living instead.

    That, and I like to sleep in on Sunday mornings.

  3. Looks like he’s been trying the Pop & Lock Technique from the Darrin’s Dance Grooves video.
    Bust a move, Big J!

    Wait…is that a gas pump in His hand?  Oh, shit!  Jesus is coming!  And at $4.65/gallon all the way from heaven, you know he’s gonna be pissed!

  4. Wow!  What detail – how lifelike – oh, now I’m a true believer – at least the arm is totally visible – what?  Oh, oh, that’s the guy standing NEXT to the slab.  Nope, sorry, I guess I don’t see it.

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