Not much posting today…

…still recovering from Courtney’s open house yesterday. It went very well and everyone seemed to have a good time. Glad it’s over though. It’s amazing how much stuff it takes to pull one of those off. I don’t remember my own open house being that much work, but then I wasn’t the parent back then either.

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  1. Ok, I’m a bit confused as to what you are referring to when you say “open house.”  I’m guessing you’re referring to family and friends coming together to celebrate someone’s graduation? The someone in this case being Courtney. Am I close?

  2. Yeah, that’s what it is. You’re the second person to remind me that this particular phrase may be somewhat regional in usage. Here in Michigan it’s used all the time to mean someone’s graduation party, but one of my coworkers from Ohio had no idea what the hell I was talking about and that’s just an hour or so to the south.

  3. The only Open House I’d heard about was in real estate, and even in context I had assumed you meant some sort of yard sale.

  4. Yep, I’m with MisterMook, only open houses we have in Texas are real estate related or at schools which are more of “meet the teacher” kind of nights, but usually with students sometimes showing off things learned in class (such as chemistry experiments).

  5. Open House in California is pretty much limited to foreclosures, these days. I hope yours was more cheery.  cheese

  6. Open House VS Grad Party title in regards to Congratulations type celebrations for a Michigan Graduate. 

    Open Houses are casual type celebration in Michigan.  Usually done in someone’s home and/or back yard.  They involve a casual buffet/BBQ (sometimes pot luck) of some sort, theme decorations, a graduate cake and a “drop in whenever” time period. 

    Graduation Parties are formal affairs.  Usually RSVP, Catered events with sit down meals or catered buffet tables (more like a wedding reception) at a specific time and include either live music or a professional DJ & dance floor. 

    I’m not sure how things got so complicated or when it became popular to do the huge, catered reception type deal. I just know that in the last several years I have seen more and more of the formal affairs for high school graduates.

    We didn’t really have our own yard or home to have a celebration in for our kiddo.  Which I suppose is how we ended up with a sort of hybrid Michigan type celebration, lol.

    We secured access to a small private Masonic dining hall and kitchen (not commercially available) through my father and his membership to host the “Drop In Anytime” type celebration for Court’s High School Graduation celebration. Food on a buffet: some I made, some we bought, and a couple of additions from family members. Decorated with a Pirates combined with graduation theme (since the school mascot was a pirate and our kiddo is still very much enthralled with Pirates of the Caribbean).  My sister, mother and I made chocolate suckers from various pirate themed molds and chocolate covered pretzels in graduate theme molds to place on tables along with nuts, M&Ms;and themed bubble bottles.

    OF COURSE there were tons of themed balloons and a table with photos, memory books a special place to drop off gifts & cards as well as a guest log (book)for fun. Les also made a DVD presentation full of video and still pictures of our daughter from infancy to graduation.  We had access to a small carpeted lounge area with TV and DVD player at the Masonic Lodge.

    So, I guess (as previously mentioned)we sort of produced a mixture of both types of Michigan celebrations. Whatever… Family and Friends enjoyed themselves and most important of all, our daughter enjoyed herself.

  7. If you’ve done anything that actually pleases a high-school-aged girl, CONGRATULATIONS. I only had three girls and three boys, so I’m just beginning to learn what they’re all about.  grin

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