Max Headroom is back! Kinda.

One of my favorite sci-fi shows that didn’t last very long was Max Headroom, I’m still waiting for a DVD box set, and I was quite irate when the show was canceled for being “too cerebral” according to the network. It was just further evidence to me that most Americans have oatmeal for brains.

Anyway, I’ve been longing to see Max in action again ever since and now I can. So long as I don’t mind it being in the form of a commercial for a British TV channel:

Channel 4 is to bring back 1980s creation Max Headroom to front a series of TV ads to raise awareness of the digital switchover.

The campaign, which breaks this Saturday, features Matt Frewer, the actor who played the original Max Headroom.

Ads will feature Headroom criticising Channel 4, which created the stuttering digital host in the 1980s, for ignoring his vision of a digital future.

Alas, Max hasn’t aged well:

In fact, he’s become quite the crotchety old man. Still seeing the commercial—which you can view yourself here—brings back a longing to see him resurrected either in a movie or a new TV series. Russel T. Davies is stepping down from Doctor Who on which he did a pretty good job of reviving, let’s make Max Headroom his next project!

Well a guy can dream, can’t he?

6 thoughts on “Max Headroom is back! Kinda.

  1. I heard that he was going to do some blipverts for the Zik Zak corporation, but the money wasn’t right.
    Just kidding.  Even if he needed the money, he would sooner do public service announcements on Big Time Television.

    Blank Neil, signing off.

    What?  Nerd?  First time I’ve ever been been called a piece of candy, but hey, whatever.

  2. Damn.  A whole day without comments.  Now I really feel like a nerd.  Thanks, everyone.

    I have to make the full confession.  I loved that show, and still do.  The decision to cancel Max Headroom pretty much cemented my dislike of television.  I haven’t consistently watched a show since, with the exception of…get this…Firefly.

    Bastards through and through, the whole bunch of them.

    I actually had the whole run taped on vhs for several years.  I damn near wore out the tapes, and then they were destroyed by a heavy rainstorm
    and leaky storage shed.  Imagine my joy when I discovered that my girlfriend’s mom had all but a couple of them taped as well!  Back to my dystopian neverland, 20 minutes into the future.

    Times being what they are, with youtube and all the rest of it, I wish that Matt Frewer and Channel 4 (or whoever owns the idea, I never knew)
    would go viral with it.  They might at least get
    some internet fun, if not a movie or new series, and Max Headroom fits right in on the web.  To me, the whole original idea was the true beginning of the “viral video,” but it was 20 years ahead of time, instead of 20 minutes.

    Once again, Blank Neil signing off.  Got to go check on my baby Grobag.

  3. I loved that Cinemax series.  I have only part of one episode on videotape somewhere …

    Anyone see Matt Frewer in the SciFi Channel’s “Eureka”?  He’s great there, too.

  4. I never saw the talk show Max hosted on Cinemax, but I hear it was pretty good. Never saw his stint as a video DJ either (which, as I recall, was how he got started).

    Love Matt Frewer though. He’s managed to keep busy since Max Headroom got canceled by doing a lot of voice work for Disney. His latest role is as Moloch the Mystic in the upcoming Watchmen movie.

  5. In addition to the Pirate Bay, I’ll toss a few more suggestions on the pile.

    RareTV carries a few Max Headroom videos:

    The Digital Archive Project has downloads available of all but one or two episodes, all in damn good quality. Registration is free, and (despite the fact that I used a throw-away e-mail address and inaccurate information), they seem to be on the up-and-up.

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