Kmart starts selling abstinence promoting pants and then lies about it.

This is pretty funny. Several blogs I read have been commenting on a new line of girl’s crop pants available at Kmart that have the slogan True Love Waits silk screened on them. People who, like me, are skeptical that a slogan on pants is going to do much to keep teens from having sex are either annoyed or, in my case, mildly amused. Conservative types, particularly those who support abstinence only sex ed, are much more enthusiastic about them.

The folks at The Buzz Blog contacted Kmart about the pants and were told that the pants weren’t meant for abstinence:

A spokeswoman for Sears Holdings Corp., which owns Kmart, told The Buzz the pants have absolutely nothing to do with taking any kind of position, either way, on abstinence. “It was not associated with any group or any cause,” said Amy Dimond. “It was just a graphic put on the pants.”

Piper & Blue, Kmart’s private label brand, designed the sweatpants as part of its summer collection that hit stores in late April.

Although the pants were not designed to make a statement, Dimond admitted that “there may be some (customers) who made the (abstinence association), but it was not the intention.”

Well, OK, except that the ad copy right on the page selling the pants says, and I quote, “Bold abstinence screen print”. I also found this customer review pretty damned amusing:

“i got these because i think the message is great and also the colors are great too but the elastic ankle cuffs are a little too small. now im worried that my chubby ankles and pro-abstinence stance are not compatible. would recommend to a friend that had smaller ankles, and also was not allergic to the yellow dye.”

Remember kids, if you have fat ankles they may be incompatible with a pro-abstinence stance. Try sitting instead. Preferably with your legs closed.

Honestly, I could give a shit if people want to sell pants with pro-abstinence messages on them. If nothing else it makes for a potentially delicious irony when some young woman wears them after getting pregnant because she didn’t bother to use any birth control. I just don’t understand why Kmart decided to offer pants with a pro-abstinence message and then felt they had to lie about it.

22 thoughts on “Kmart starts selling abstinence promoting pants and then lies about it.

  1. Both ElfNinosmom and Justice have expressed some of my own first thoughts upon reading this entry. I guess the three of us just aren’t very nice.  LOL

  2. The thing is, the message is probably intended to be (and can be taken as) “true love awaits” which has a very different meaning and nothing to do at all with abstinence.

  3. Justice, the words are also written on the butt… And these pants are obviously related to the retarded fundie “true loves waits” campaign which is popular within the purity balls/pledge rings culture of evangelical nutjobs.

  4. I think the fact that they’re being sold at KMart is funny in itself – the stereotype of the KMart shopper being low income either inner city or rural trailer park.  I just pictured Cletus and Earline from The Simpsons buyin’ ‘em fer their yunguns.

  5. I walked into a Walmart the other day and they had t-shirts on display that said “Be thankful your Mother wasn’t Pro-Choice” or some extremely similar drivel. I haven’t been back and now I can’t go to K-Mart either.

  6. I think that the “Be thankful your Mother wasn’t Pro-Choice” t-shirt is offensive, but I think that these pants are just silly.

  7. Times do change.  When I was a teenager, the last scream (that I lusted after, but would never have dared to wear myself) was “drive-in movie pants”.  They had no words printed on them, but the zipper spoke clearly: it described the shortest superficial line from navel to sacroiliac.

  8. True love waits…
    …for you to go get a condom.

    Does anyone sell a shirt that says “Too bad your mom wasn’t pro-choice”?

    I had to look up sacroiliac, but it confirmed my suspicions.

  9. LOL Moloch! Yea I’m not offended. Somehow I don’t envision this having an impact on teens. In fact I would think girls may buy these just so they can be wearing them while having sex in defiance.

  10. Karl, I applaud your sentiments and concur 100%.  But please lose the word “retarded” from your vocab.  As the mother of a young man with mental retardation, I find it sad and hurtful.  Someone of your obvious intelligence and writing skills can find a differemt word to use.  Many thanks.

  11. I stumbled in here after googling “Drive-in Movie Pants”. Zilch’s response was what led me here. I too remember them from back in the day. The kind I remember had zippers running up the front of each leg to from the ankles to the waistband. I’m into fashion and thought it might be fun to make a pair or two…

    For those keeping score, I’m a conservative, straight, white, male.

    Now, what amazed me (or perhaps is really shouldn’t, I’ve seen it so often) is the vitriol towards the so-called absinence pants and those who would market them and those who would buy them. Is this the “tolerance” and “acceptance” that the Left claims as its hallmark? Since when did using demeaning stereotypes become a sign of enlightenment? And if being pro-choice is truly about giving women the choice of what the do with their own bodies, isn’t choosing not to have sex the ultimate expression of that control of self?

    Whatever happened to that old credo, “I disagree with what you say, but I will defend your right to say it to the death!”? I guess that is “old school” liberalism and, obviously, isn’t in vogue anymore. What a shame… What a shame…

    Anyway, don’t let me spoil your party. Reality will be there waiting for you – when you are ready for it.

    -Art Decco

  12. Art Decco (great handle, by the way):

    Whatever happened to that old credo, “I disagree with what you say, but I
    will defend your right to say it to the death!”? I guess that is “old
    school” liberalism and, obviously, isn’t in vogue anymore. What a
    shame… What a shame…

    You appear to be one of those conservatives who conflates criticism of outmoded social mores with “intolerance.” The moment anyone actually calls for the restriction of people’s rights to choose abstinence is the moment when your point becomes valid, but criticizing silly ideas (and yes, abstinence-promoting pants are silly whether you like it or not) is not oppression.

  13. True love waits, random sex now.

    That I laughed at.  I see a whole range of “Random Sex Now” merchandise- rings, bracelets, necklaces. 

    Pants in the UK means underwear, and I have a suspicion my wife has some TLW knickers- at least that what she seems to wear… (how glad am I she doesn’t read this blog.)

  14. Next thing you know they will be criticizing chastity belts (which, by the way, didn’t work well, either).  cheese

  15. Social mores are rarely set in stone. What was Avant Garde in the 60s and 70s has become a cliche’ today.

    Those who led the sexual revolution 40 + years ago are now guardians of the status quo.

    Is abstinence really “outmoded” or is it the next big thing? It wouldn’t be the first time in history that a culture of hedonism (for lack of a better word) was replaced by one of stricter moral values.

    Change is the only constant.

    -Art Decco

  16. Based on the studies I’ve seen the answer is that abstinence is still very outmoded in that it doesn’t work and may actually cause more pregnancies due to people not having received a comprehensive birth control education.

    Don’t get me wrong, I taught my own daughter that the best birth control was not to have sex and that I would hope she’d choose that path until she was in a committed relationship, but I also taught her about birth control so that if she did give in to her urges she would minimize the risks involved.

    Contrary to what the abstinence-only crowd would have us believe my daughter didn’t walk away from that education thinking she had permission to go out and have sex with whomever she wanted.

    The next big thing? Not if we have any brains it won’t be.

  17. Good to hear Les! If I have kids I plan on doing the same thing. I never understood the idea of expecting youngins to make good decisions by limiting their knowledge.

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