I have found my next computer workstation.

I may have to sell a kidney or two to get it, but damn if this isn’t the ultimate workstation for computing and gaming: The Emperor!

At the press of a button, the Emperor’s tail section (the large articulated arm that holds the monitors) rises to allow the user to be seated, then lowers back into position the three monitors at the perfect height and angle for perfect viewing comfort.

The Emperor has three large monitors for a panoramic view, THX Dolby surround sound, air filtering, light therapy (so you can get a tan without having to go out under the sun,) webcam, battery backup, and other niceties. It can be built to order with a desktop Mac or PC, as well as the biggest docking station ever for laptops. If you want one, you will have to go rob a bank—price is not listed yet, but we can imagine lots of zeros in it—and wait for the release date: July 2008.

Click to embiggen!

Oh yeah! Just look at that monster! You’ll dominate any LAN party through sheer intimidation alone.

Found over at Gizmodo.

9 thoughts on “I have found my next computer workstation.

  1. Nice! That can really add to my delusion that I’m living on the Citadel whilst brewing a plan to defeat the Krogans, my sworn enemy and biggest warmongers in the universe.

  2. sweet jesus (just an expression) the fact it has a spine makes me want it even more

  3. Also, I am holding out for the Emperor II version, where they replace those old-fashioned wheels with legs like on the round roller droids that appear in the Star Wars I movie.

  4. It suddenly reminded me of a torture chair from a sci-fi movie. I can’t help but think that if I sat in it arms with roatating blades would come down from the ceiling and do something very unpleasant.

  5. How does it FILTER THE AIR when it has open sides?

    By deploying the side mounted lasers to eradicate the rebel scum talking smack and polluting your air at the LAN party.

    Yeah, it needs legs.  At that point, screw Mechwarrior, just play the real thing!

    In reality, get one with some legs and mount some large Nerf weaponry.

  6. It’s also lacking a coffee machine. I thought these were standard on the high-end models now:

      This chair does not make coffee.  Your “flunkies and servants” chair accessories bring you coffee.

  7. This chair does not make coffee.  Your “flunkies and servants” chair accessories bring you coffee.

    Ugh. Meat-based equipment. Naaah.

  8. Ugh. Meat-based equipment. Naaah.

    Well, there is always the option of subjugating other coffee-making chairs to the will of the Emperor…

    All your coffee are belong to us!

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