Has Yahoo! been hacked?

Just got off the phone with my Dad after trying to diagnose a possible virus on his computer. Every time he starts up Firefox it goes nuts saying there’s a virus incoming and to abort the connection. We set up a Remote Assistance so I could see what was going on and indeed every time he tried to go to his homepage he got a virus warning. That homepage just happens to be Yahoo.com. Here’s the popup he was getting:

Seeing that there was something being appended to the end my first stop was to see what his homepage was configured for in his browser. Sometimes when you install malware on your system it’ll change the default webpage of your browser so it can install even more junk, but pulling up the options screen it was clear that last bit wasn’t part of the URL. That seemed odd so on a lark I tried to pull up Yahoo myself and, sure enough, my Avast went nuts warning me of a virus and showing the same URL. I’m pretty sure both our PCs aren’t unknowingly infected with the same virus so the only logical conclusion is that it must be coming from Yahoo! directly. Either they’re trying to pull something over on their users or their servers have been hacked.

Anyone else experiencing the same thing at the moment? Dad says it was fine earlier today and there’s nothing on any of the tech sites I frequent about it so it must be something that’s happened only recently.

Update: It appears that it’s a false positive with Avast. Manually telling it to update the .dat files cleared up the issue.

6 thoughts on “Has Yahoo! been hacked?

  1. AVG didn’t warn me about any problems when I tried it, but it’s a little bit after you posted this, so maybe they fixed it already.  That or I just downloaded a frickin’ virus…thanks a lot!

  2. I just tried it and it’s still popping up for me.

    Come to think of it, Avast just updated itself about two hours ago. I suppose it’s possible that there’s something in that update that’s triggering a false positive.

  3. And following a suggestion in the thread to manually update the virus .dat files for Avast seems to have corrected the problem.

    So it appears it was a false positive after all.

  4. Excellent! I was truly worried, I had just finished restaging my OS, had just installed AVG and hadn’t finished all the OS updates (WinXP). I thought I probably was going to have to start over or something after I saw the real Yahoo! page load.

  5. hi all

    this afternoon my yahoo email wont let me sign in, it wont accept my password….it was working fine this mornin’

    any one have a similar problem?

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