God helps man invent car that runs on water.

Looks like we won’t have to worry about gas prices for much longer. God has graciously provided us with an alternative means of powering our cars:

‘Water-Running’ Car Gets 100 Miles To The Ounce, Inventor Says – Orlando News Story – WKMG Orlando

JACKSONVILLE, Fla.—A Florida man has created a car he claims runs on tap water.

“I’m getting 100 miles to the ounce on water,” inventor Anthony Brown said.

Brown said he shut his fuel injection system down and created the system that can use any type of water with a small amount of gas. He said the car is getting just fuel vapor.

“When you separate the water from the oxygen from the hydrogen, it cooks and it cooks down to a brown,” Brown said. “We’re not having any waste product off of it. Everything is consumed and burned.”

Local 6 showed video of Brown filling up his vehicle with water and then driving around.

Brown said any profit he makes from his invention will go toward helping missionaries around the world.

“I’ve just been asking for a way, for the Lord to show me to raise money rapidly and I started to working on this idea,” Brown said.

No, I don’t think he’s a total nutball. Why do you ask?

OK, I’m lying. I really do think he’s a nutball.

17 thoughts on “God helps man invent car that runs on water.

  1. I can still remember ads from the fifties for devices to run cars on water (and a little gas).  I wouldn’t be surprised if this scam goes back even further than that.  But if the inventors from back then got help from the Lord, they weren’t talking.

  2. “Friends and loved ones, we are here to join in valent matrimony these three atoms, hydrogen, hydrogen, and oxygen, in their customary three-way marriage of two and one.  The bond among these lovers is a special one, which will always require as much energy to split asunder as can ever be released when they at last inevitably rush into each other’s balance of charge…”

  3. Oh yeah, dof?  That’s just cuz you’re a sinner, and don’t have The Lord helping to pull them molecules asunder.

  4. This will be ‘Browns gas’ aka HHO (Yes I know, I think they are trying to disguish it form H2O).  I tried to post a link, but the blacklister got it- just Google HHO or Browns gas, and you will hit douzens of sites selling you conversion plans and making claims of doubling your milage.

    What you cant find is any INDEPENDENT test, apart from the odd high school.  Let’s face it, if this worked, it would be incorporated into every oil power station, airline and petroleum using product by governments in every oil importing nation in the world.

  5. Last_Hussar, what you forget is that the CABAL doesn’t want us to have it, because they are making too much money from oil!!!

  6. And the Cabal is part of the satanic New World Order, attempting to usher in the rule of the Beast.  But wait- Bush is making money from oil, and he’s a Christian.  Are fundamentalist Christians taking their orders from Satan now?  I’m confused…

  7. I Don’t think that all these people are trying to squeeze any energy out of water, it’s simply a way to use excess energy in your car battery if you’re low on fuel, quite ingenious in my opinion. I do, however, see how it can be one helluva scam if someone unscrupulous gets their hands on it, but then there are trade description laws to keep ‘em in line.

  8. They really do think (or claim) that they’re getting energy from water.  There isn’t any “excess energy” in the car battery; it exists only to start the engine and does not have enough power to move the car any appreciable distance. 

    And once again, what they’re claiming is impossible.  Not in the sense of “new technology to be developed” impossible, but in the sense of “violates a fundamental law of the universe” impossible.  Really impossible, that is.

  9. There is only enough energy in the battery to crank the engine for about 1-2 minutes. Good for a few yards at best.

  10. The only problem is I am doing it while others are just dreaming about it!
    I can do all things through Christ whom strengthens me!

  11. Anthony S Brown wrote:

    Patents are pending and will be releasing more information this year !

    Patents don’t mean shit. There are patents for specific ways to swing on a swing set and techniques for buttering bread. The fact that you have a patent doesn’t mean your gizmo actually works. But hey, I’m willing to be convinced. When there’s suddenly a lot of cars running around on nothing but water then my skepticism will fade, but until then you’re still just a nutball in my eyes. I won’t be holding my breath in anticipation.

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