FOX producer gets a taste of his own medicine.

This was too delicious not to share. It seems a producer for Bill “Douchebag” O’Reilly’s show The O’Reilly Factor attempted to do some ambush journalism on Bill Moyers at the National Conference for Media Reform. Moyer’s handles the situation very well indeed and then when the producer, Porter Barry, attempts to leave several of the other journalists start their own ambush interview of Barry:

It’s always nice to see the schoolyard bullies get a little of what they give out.

Update: Here’s all that Bill “Douchebag” O’Reilly bothered to use on his show from that confrontation:

Compare that to what was recorded above and you’ll see Douchebaggery at its finest taking place. And what the fuck is this bullshit about a Body Language Expert on O’Reilly’s show to analyze the clip? How is that in any way relevant to what was actually fucking said? It’s not, but it’s typical for what O’Reilly tries to pass off as journalism.


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  1. The body language isn’t irrelevent- it’s something they always teach if you are ‘customer facing’.  Yes he was patronising.


    I don’t know these two, but I’m guessing that Moyer is vastly more experienced than Barry, so it could be regarded as paternalistic- an expert having his trade so ineptly turned on him.

    Look how close they are- I wonder who took that final step forward (you can’t tell from the original clip). If Barry is uncomfortable (and Moyes is obviously in control here so he won’t be) then the natural thing would be to step back- to stay where he is in a threat situation takes a concious decision.

    What Moyes body language does is mark him out as the ‘Alpha’ of the two.  The touching has a dual role- it is that of a master to student- a cut down version of an arm around the shoulder that is ‘manly affection’.  You see it in sports as a gesture of consulation- and it always follows the hierachy- a coach supporting a player, or the team senior encouraging those younger.  This one follows a series of ‘open hand’ gestures the sign of wanting to appear open.

    The second meaning is along the lines of Barry has got inside Moyes’ personal space, but Moyes lands the first ‘blow’- he touches the shoulder/head area, basically establishing his dominance, and establishing that patch of ground as his.  BARRY TAKES IT- he doesn’t grasp the shoulder back, signifying equality and a demonstration he is prepared also to strike; he doesn’t defend himself- a natural reaction would be to grasp the hand as though to shake it in the ample time before the touch (I realise the hand is high, but there is plenty of oppotunity for a ‘guys’ gesture). He doesn’t even try to avoid it.  No, HE LETS IT HAPPEN- he even closes his eyes- basically rolls over and plays dead- “you’re boss”.

    Note all the way through that Moyes treats him as a prodical son- “it’s not you, its O’Reilly and Murdoch, you must get angry at the fact you do all the work.”  Barry is reduced to just one line “Come on Bill’s show”, which doesn’t have a hope in hell of working, because he has already ‘shown his belly’ so Moyes has no reason to venture into an obvious trap.  Moyes believes he has won, Barry thinks he has lost- the words become immaterial.

  2. Damn…I work practically next door to the Convention Center, and didn’t even know they were having that conference there.  I guess I saw a sign for it while cutting through the other morning, but I didn’t think about it much. 

    Interesting to see O’Reilly’s dog get neutered the right way.  Made him look like a complete idiot.

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