Bits and bobs I’ve been meaning to mention.

Courtney’s graduation party/open house a couple of weekends ago went rather well for the most part. We only had two moments of drama during the event. The first occurred as one of Courtney’s aunts was leaving. We had a bit of a falling out with this particular aunt a couple of years back, the details of which I won’t go into here, but suffice it to say that just about everyone except that aunt and her daughter, one of Courtney’s cousins, has gotten over it. Courtney saw them off when they were leaving and they took advantage of the moment alone with Courtney to say some shit that upset her quite a bit and had her in tears for a short while. It was the sort of asshole move that caused the original rift between their family and ours to begin with and just shows how some folks can’t get over themselves and allow someone to have a happy day without pissing on their parade.

The second bit of drama pretty much blotted the first bit out completely when it occurred. We were cleaning up at the end of the day and Courtney was outside gathering the signs and balloons we had put out so folks could find the hall. There was a loud crash and Courtney came flying in saying a passing train had just hit a truck on the tracks. Our first thought was that perhaps one of our guests might be involved so we hurried outside to check things out and it turned out not to be anyone we knew. A truck had tried to beat the train and got clipped on the back end. The male driver seemed pretty shaken up and was clutching his right arm, but seemed otherwise OK, his female passenger wasn’t doing as well. Tools he had in the bed of the track had scattered all over the road and neighboring yards including the parking lot of the hall and Courtney had just escaped being hit by a tool during the initial accident. The cops were there almost immediately as one had been sitting on the other side of the tracks waiting for the train to pass and the woman was carried out on a back board with a neck brace on. Courtney, as it turns out, witnessed the whole thing and so she got her first real lesson in civic duty when I had her speak with the police to tell them what she saw and let them know she was a potential witness should there be a need for one. Needless to say, this bit of drama helped to put the first one into perspective for Courtney.

Beyond that we’ve had a couple of bits of good news as of late. First, the leasing office of the town homes we’re hoping to get into called back and said that all the paperwork had been approved. If that wasn’t enough good news they also said that one of the three bedroom models was coming off lease if we were still interested in having three bedrooms over two. The only drawback was that it wouldn’t be ready until mid to late July. So our move into Ann Arbor will happen late next month instead of the next week or so as we had originally thought. Just having the extra half-bathroom should be worth it though.

The other bit of good news is in regards to the bill for the CAT scan Courtney had to have back in January. It’s only taken 5 months, but we finally managed to track down someone at the company that did the CAT scan who could render a decision on whether or not we could have a discount for paying the bill out-of-pocket. I had explained our situation and how, with your guy’s help, we had about $1,000 we could apply immediately and then make payments on the balance, and how we had been told by more than one helpful reader that we should ask about a potential out-of-pocket discount. They called back this morning and said they’d knock it down to $1,000 if we can get the payment in within the next 10 days. I told them that getting the payment in shouldn’t be a problem at all.

So life is looking up at the moment. Still haven’t won the lottery, but at least things are moving in a positive direction.

3 thoughts on “Bits and bobs I’ve been meaning to mention.

  1. Get that discount agreement in writing!  Make sure you get something from them saying it is paid in full when you pay it off.  These companies love to come back and get you years later after late and collection fees have tripled the balance.

  2. Given my car cost over £250 (approx $500) to get through its annual test you had a bit of a result (my fault- had been using normal oil, not super thin Ford 5/20).  Now that dear old couple in Denver won’t have to pay for you being recklessly poor.

    As to witnesses- Courtney may get her first lesson in the unreliability of the human brain. I wonder how many different versions the police will get!

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