A lesson in skepticism.

I so want to try this out on someone.

Go read more of Cectic.

Found via Unscrewing The Inscrutable


3 thoughts on “A lesson in skepticism.

  1. I don’t know how many times I’ve tried to convince co-workers that their god is fake by proclaiming the FSM or the “Little Green Men that Live In the Moon and Secretly Control the Porn Industry” are real so they can see just how silly their own faith is.  It never works, so maybe I should step up and start doing something like this instead.

  2. I’m afraid I am a merciless bullshitter. It’s my hobby. I always find that if you say something with enough gravitas then some people will just believe you.

    I told my 18 year old daughter that it was possible to cut glass with scissors – but only if you did it under water. She didn’t believe me exactly, but I convinced her to find out by actually doing it. She did try!

    On a trip to the south-west in the UK, we were coming out of a restaurant when we saw a huge moon in the sky. When she asked me why it was so big, she completely belived me when I told that it was because we were so much further west.

    By the way, she’s now half-way through her PhD. She may be gullible, but she’s not stupid!

  3. LOL! Tom, I have a dad just like you! He used to be able to convince any kid to taste anything including cement. He once convinced a kid to dig for treasure in a neighbor’s yard and had him ask the neighbor to borrow a shovel so he could do it. He is now 83 and is living proof that the good die young. I survived and your daughter will too. I dare say he is at least partially responsible for the skeptic I have become.

    I love this strip!

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