Yahtzee takes on Nintendo Fanboys.

This one is a classic. I had to share:

10 thoughts on “Yahtzee takes on Nintendo Fanboys.

  1. I love nopunctuation!!!

    I think I’ve watched all of his videos at least twice, not for the games, but just for his humor and amazing insults.

  2. I found myself getting out of breath in sympathy, though.  Does he EVER breathe?

    Love snarky Brits.  Just love them.

  3. Fucking funny!

    For the record I played SSBB and it seemed liked a rehashed copy of the GameCube version. Not what I really look for in a game. It appears Nintendo thinks they can integrate fun and cool ways to control the user experience of games and that is all that’s needed for a great game. While it’s cool to play SSBB using two hands, there needs to be more to it than that.

    One big complaint I have with Wii games is poor multiplayer and Internet integration. For example, I think it would be cool to be able to buy items for games from the Internet, maybe like new levels or characters. Maybe even win new items by beating people online. Shit like that. Maybe all the consoles are not doing this kind of stuff yet and I should stop whining. But it seems Nintendo has never really understood how to make use of the network capabilities of their console. Thankfully Nintendo seems to be picking up on the importance of multiplayer experience with Mario Kart, which is pretty decent and fun.

  4. I love this guy. I remember a long time ago Les posting a review(one of these) of something, don’t remember what, a valve game maybe? After that I was hooked, I had to watch pretty much everything this guy came out with. I kind of fell out of habit, as always, and just now this revived my love for this (British?) bastard.

  5. I’m not some crazy Nintendo fanboy and I’m not obsessed with SSB.

    But he did butcher the game in his review. It’s a great game, lots of fun. His review just screams that he wasn’t able to understand how to play and therefore didn’t enjoy it.

  6. Well, here’s the rub, for me. It’s a fanboy game, filled with fanboy references. If you can get into the gameplay (ie. if you enjoyed any of the other games) and you can get around the frustrating controls to find something that works for you, great.

    Nintendo did, as much as they tried to do otherwise, aggravate this problem greatly. Same holds for Mario Kart. But I’ve liked both series’, and this is something I’m willing to forgive in exchange for a gamecube controller.

  7. Frustrating controls?

    They are the exact same controls as always…

    Oh yeah, forgot to mention, I play with a wavebird.

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