Today is a day of graduations and birthdays.

Today is a significant day in the Jenkins household for a couple of reasons. The first is due to the fact that my daughter, Courtney, has managed to make her way through the trials and tribulations of the public education system in Michigan to her very last class this morning. Final grades aren’t in yet, but all indications are that she will graduate and be unleashed upon an unsuspecting world in short order. She was so excited that she called me from her school at 9:20 this morning to let me know she was officially done. To say that getting to this point was a bumpy road is probably an understatement as she has a tendency to be like her father was when I was in school, but just as I managed to make my way to the finish line so has she and I am very proud of her.

The other reason today is significant is because it’s my Dad’s birthday today. He’s clocking in at a feisty 67 today and doing pretty well considering some of the health issues he’s had to deal with over the past couple of years. Be sure to drop by his blog and wish him a happy birthday.

The next couple of weekends will be busy ones as we’ll be apartment hunting and going to see Dad this weekend and then the next weekend is when Courtney’s graduation ceremony takes place and I have a LAN party the day before. After that, Court’s open house and then, hopefully, we’ll be moving into new digs. I’m getting worn out just thinking about it.

4 thoughts on “Today is a day of graduations and birthdays.

  1. Congrats to Courtney! Seems like only yesterday I graduated from high school, but it’s been 6 years already.  It’s even crazier to think one of my cousins is graduating this year as well. Where did the time go? 

    Anyways, I wish her the best of the luck in the future whatever path she should choose.

  2. Add my congratulations too.  I was especially please to hear she will be continuing on in the fall.  She is gonna make it Dad.

  3. A wee bit late – but give her (and him too) a hug for us, even if we don’t really know them except through you. Cheers to everybody from down south.

  4. Congratulations to the dad and the grad!
    My kiddo graduated from HS three years ago now, and I’m still a proud Mama. With all the roadblocks and hurdles they have to get through, it really is an accomplishment to be proud of. Pass on my good wishes to your daughter, and I hope your dad had a wonderful birthday.
    Yay for milestones!

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