There can be only one… again!

This could be good or bad. I loved the original Highlander when it came out despite it being a relatively cheesy movie. The sequels pretty much all stank to high heaven as it is difficult to do a sequel when you’re supposedly the only immortal left at the end of the first movie. I enjoyed the TV series enough that I bought the first four seasons on VHS a few years back, but never completed the whole series. It’s always seemed like a story that could do with a well thought out remake at some point.

Now it looks like that’s going to happen:

Summit Entertainment is bringing back to the big screen the 1986 sci-fi cult hit “Highlander,” with “Iron Man” co-writers Art Marcum and Matt Holloway on board to write the script.

[…] Summit acquired the rights to remake the cult classic from Davis/Panzer Prods. Peter Davis, one of the original producers of the 1986 film, also will produce the new film.

Davis said the new “Highlander” will not just be a remake but will incorporate more backstory elements and prequel aspects that will be fleshed out to expand the story line in a way that is inventive yet faithful to the original story.

He also said romance was key to the series’ popularity and would be a central theme in the new film.

“I would hate to think that people viewed ‘Highlander’ as a sword fighting movie because it’s much more than that,” he said. “The issues of an immortal falling in love with a woman and knowing she’s going to grow old and die in your arms, those are very romantic issues to deal with.”

No word yet on casting or when they hope to start filming, but I’ll be keeping an eye on it to see how things develop.

4 thoughts on “There can be only one… again!

  1. The first one was cheesy indeed and had as many plot holes as the average religion, but it was a fun movie nevertheless. A remake could be worth a rental slot on Netflix wink

  2. The first movie had several pretty awesome things going for it though: A soundtrack by Queen, Sean Connery, and katanas at the height of their cheesy cool factor. Oh, and the underrated Clancy Brown.

    That it could overcome the acting of Christopher Lambert and the wooden sexual tension of Roxanne Hart at all, even for fleeting moments, only demonstrates just how awesome and powerful the premise is.

    On the other hand, a few times during the season they played the original Queen soundtrack in pieces for the recent remake of Flash Gordon and even THAT got a little better because of it. I’m somewhat terrified of that, because it suggests that Queen makes EVERYTHING better.

  3. Considering that none of the movies had much to do with each other and the last one actually contradicted the ending of the original.. I suppose they could make any sort of movie with the name “Highlander” and call it a ‘remake’.

    “Hell… I don’t remember ninja-squirrels and Xenu in Highlander”

    “Well I guess you never saw the special edition of the directors cut then, did you?”

    I’ll wait until I get the chance to see clips before I’ll comment.

  4. Its no real surprise someone would finally decide to hit the reset button on the franchise, as its been popular enough that new releases have the chance to be successful.  Connor and Duncan McLeod might be immortals but Christopher Lambert and Adrian Paul arent’t.  It will be interesting to see how hardcore fans of the series react to a new actor in the lead role.

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