The CAT scan billing saga continues…

You may recall that back in January we had to take Courtney in for some CAT scans when it seemed like she might have a kidney stone without any health insurance to help with the cost. You folks stepped up with lots of good advice when the final bill came in at a grand total of $3500. Advice which, oddly enough, the kind folks at the billing company handling the bill also suggested I try and they put the bill on hold for a month while we attempted to get Courtney covered under Medicare. Michigan has two kinds of Medicare for kids whose parents don’t have/can’t afford health insurance. One of them will cover bills up to 60 days prior to signing up and the other one doesn’t. Guess which program Courtney qualified for? Yep, the one that wouldn’t cover the bill.

The second suggestion was that I check to see if the company, Avant Imaging, that did the CAT scan would be willing to offer a discount seeing as I was paying for it out of pocket. The nice lady at the billing company said she would put another month hold on the bill and send in a request on my behalf and that we should eventually see a new bill with any discount applied to it. Well that bill finally arrived and, wouldn’t you know it, it’s still for $3500 and some change. It appears Avant Imaging won’t cut us any slack and we’ve run out of any further options.

The good news is that the donations you folks sent in back when I first talked about this crisis will cover around a third of the bill. Allow me to again take a moment and express my gratitude for your generosity on our behalf. After that initial payment I’ll have to work out some sort of payment plan with the billing company and pay the rest off over time. The other good news is that we just signed up for health insurance through my new job and it should kick in on May 26th. It’s no where near as great as what I had in the past—in fact it probably wouldn’t cover the majority of the cost if Courtney had to have CAT scans today—but it beats the hell out of no insurance at all. The cost for the insurance will knock my pay down to just a little more than what I was earning at the last job, but at least we’re covered. The only really frustrating part about all of this was that we spent a lot of time sitting around waiting for decisions to be made on if we were going to catch a break or not before finally finding out that we’re going to have to pay the full bill anyway.

3 thoughts on “The CAT scan billing saga continues…

  1. Here’s wishing you and your family the best health and may the future bring you ease to pay this bill an zero need for such a charge to be ever repeated.

    And good luck in the new gig!

  2. Sorry to hear about your troubles, sent you a meager donation..keep up the good work on your blog, very entertaining.

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