SITE misidentifies video game screenshot as secret al-Qa’eda plot.

See the picture below?

Seems some folks in the intelligence gathering industry thought it was created by terrorists to show what they hoped to accomplish some day. There’s just one small problem with that theory:

The SITE Intelligence Group said that the image, showing a ruined Capitol Building in Washington, was created by extremists as part of discussions about the feasibility of nuclear strikes against the US and Britain.

The images appeared in a video, called Nuclear Jihad: The Ultimate Terror, posted on two password-protected websites, al-Ekhlass and al-Hesbah, believed to be affiliated with al-Qa’eda.

SITE also released translated several chatroom threads from al-Ekhlass and al-Hesbah, discussing the possibility of nuclear attacks on the West.

However, it has transpired that far from being a detailed simulation created by terrorist masterminds, the apocalyptic vision is in fact lifted from the computer game Fallout 3, by US game designers Bethesda Softworks.

That’s some fine investigatin’ there, Lou. I feel so much safer with these people on the job.

8 thoughts on “SITE misidentifies video game screenshot as secret al-Qa’eda plot.

  1. Ha!

    I am pretty excited about Fallout 3, even if I’ll need a new video card to run it.

  2. and in later news, President Bush announces he has some Freedom Medals to award for the great job the intelligence community is doing.

  3. The folks at Bethesda shall live up to the greatness of previous games.

    Fallout 3 is gonna ROCK!

  4. I knew that Bethesda was behind Al-Qaida, and now here’s proof!  Actually, I’m sort of looking forward to Mannimarco’s rule over America.  I just hope he doesn’t use his Staff of Worms on Reagan…

  5. Seems to me like the usual “OMGYGODTHATSAGREATPIECEFORTHE”ODDLYENOUGH”SECTIONLETSPOSTITNOW”-Without-checking” case. I see it often enough when our local newspaper runs little items that I read about on the net days ago.

  6. Of course, maybe the Fallout guys paid The Telegraph for some advertising wink

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