Possible release date for PC version of “GTA IV” leaked to the net.

Those of you who are drooling for a copy of Grand Theft Auto IV and debating over which console to buy because all you have is a PC may take some heart in this Softpedia news item:

… [W]e have a German website presenting the Grand Theft Auto IV PC version DVD case, together with a price and, what matters most for all of us: the release date. According to the website, the PC version of Rockstar’s title will be made available starting the 30th of November this year. What should normally be a further proof that the date is correct (or, at least, that a PC version is in the works) is the fact that pre-order is available. It remains to see how and if Rockstar responds to this… let’s call it “leak”. They probably won’t be too happy, since the official announcement still has to be made.

So, assuming this date is correct or at least in the general ballpark, if you can hold out ‘till November then you may not need to purchase a console to get your fix after all. Maybe by then they’ll have smushed the rather annoying freezing bugs as well.

2 thoughts on “Possible release date for PC version of “GTA IV” leaked to the net.

  1. Great, now I can whine and complain that my PC isn’t robust enough to play this, not just complain that I don’t own a current gen console.

  2. I am sure hoping that is true. I am going to have to wait it out anyway, my laptop is biting the dust and that, unfortunately, is something I cannot live without.

    Ahh well, it will save me the pain of buying an Xbox and never using it again after GTA IV.

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