Pope claims an “inalienable right” for Catholics to act like Fundamentalists.

Apparently the Pope is tired of Fundamentalist Evangelists hogging the asshole spotlight for so long and wants Catholics to get in on the action:

The Roman Catholic Church has the inalienable right and duty to convert any person to Christianity, Pope Benedict XVI said Saturday.

Evangelism is a central mission of the Church, the pope told a Vatican body that encourages Catholic missionary activity.

The appeal for the conversion of “all nations,” attributed to Jesus Christ in the Gospels, remains “an obligatory mandate for the entire Church and for every believer in Christ,” the pontiff said.

“This apostolic commitment is both a duty and an inalienable right, the very expression of religious freedom with its moral, social and political dimensions,” he said.

[…] In December, the Vatican published a doctrinal note reaffirming the mission of all the faithful to seek to convert non-Catholics including members of other Christian denominations, while avoiding placing undue pressure on them.

I love the usage of undue pressure in that last bit. I suppose it means we shouldn’t expect any new Inquisitions anytime soon and for that I am truly grateful. Still, if any significant amount of Catholics actually tries to put this into practice then things are sure to get more annoying as a Missionary Arms Race breaks out between the Fundamentalists and Catholics. On the plus side at least they’ll be aggravating the hell out of the Protestants too which should be fun to watch.

4 thoughts on “Pope claims an “inalienable right” for Catholics to act like Fundamentalists.

  1. Obviously conversion is going to be high on the agenda.  Trying to convert others to your world view is natural for humans- we do it all the time on this blog.  Religeons have the added imperative that they consider it an order from on high, and a positive action for the convertee.

  2. From each side’s point of view, this is the same: to them seems it is us who seem to be preaching a message that dammages society, to us it seems to be them.

    The only difference is that we rely upon knowledge that stands up to thourough inspection, and change our views if they do not uphold this principal.
    They rely on a nearly 2,000 year old book which, in the case of the catholic church, is not to be translated into a modern language…judging by all of the contradictions, and outright absurdities in said book, i can see why they would make that decision: what has the translation of the bible into commonly comprehensible languages done for christianity? It has spelled its doom, because now people can criticise the Bible since they know what it means!

  3. This is pretty fucked up. I can see believers rationalizing all kinds of despicable things because the Pope said they had the right to evangelize.

  4. When I was on my mission in Brasil, the Catholics were told to keep a Bible in their house, but IT WAS A MORTAL SIN TO READ IT. One can only hope the current church applies such enlightening tactics. Not to fear.  snake

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