One of the problems with being historically ignorant…

… is that it can make you look like an idiot when you try to protest for a good cause. Here’s a pic of a sign at a recent anti-China Olympics protest:

The answer is: Yes, yes we would allow them to host the Olympics. In 1936 in fact.

Crack a history book every now and then and perhaps you won’t end up looking like a complete idiot.

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12 thoughts on “One of the problems with being historically ignorant…

  1. If it wasnt 4:45 am I’d have fallen off my chair laughing.  Just as well you don’t elect a president whose grandfather has been accused of colluding with the Nazi’s. Oh, hang on…

  2. Next thing you know, they’ll keep doing the Olympic torch relay that the Nazis started.

    Oh right.

  3. I read the sign before reading the title and in my mind I was just thinking oh my science that guy is dumb

    I remember watching a film on that Olympics and how Hitler wanted them to forever be held in Germany, except he didn’t like that the black athletes were winning…

  4. Hell, in this day and age, you would think someone would google it.

    Interestingly enough, there’s all this talk about how the Nazis were being very racist during the games. I’m sure some history teachers (if they ever got around to it) told their students that Hitler refused to shake the hand of Jesse Owens after he won four gold medals at the 1936 Olympics because he was black. Perhaps that’s true. But Jesse Owens did say that when he waved to Hitler from across the field, Hitler waved back. He didn’t get that much courtesy from his own white teammates, much less FDR. The President didn’t even send a congratulatory telegram, when at the time Presidents would invite medalists to the White House.

    In fact, Owens even had to ride the freight elevator to a reception in his own honor at the Waldorf-Astoria because blacks weren’t allowed in the main elevators. This just after he’d had ordinary Germans asking for his autograph and being able to stay in the same hotel as whites, something that did not happen in this country at the time.

    So, as it turns out, we here in the United States behaved in a more racist fashion than the white supremacist Nazis. That makes the guy in the picture a real dumbass, doesn’t it?

    @***Dave: If only it had been.

    PS: Sorry for the snippy history lesson, but people who don’t even take the time to take advantage of the extremely accessible information unprecedented even ten years ago just piss me the fuck off.

  5. Why can’t Moloch admit to himself he’s a black gay Jew.  Maybe when he is in his later teens he’ll be able to accept the fact.

  6. That was a bit harsh wasn’t it Last_Hussar? I mean, what did black gay Jews ever do to you?

  7. I’ve been playing WoW all day so all I can think of us “0wned!” and “EPIC FAIL!!!” to describe that picture.

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