How to load a Bobcat loader into a truck without ramps.

This is just amazing to watch. Whoever is driving this thing has spent way too much time doing it.

6 thoughts on “How to load a Bobcat loader into a truck without ramps.

  1. I bet it would have gone faster, safer, and with less wear and tear, with ramps- but I shouldn’t be a wet blanket about such coolness.

  2. Looks like something my brother would do.  I’ve seen him jump his 3 wheeler out of his pickup truck, and backup right to his lowboy trailer like he was whipping into a parking slot, and was right on the hitch.

    It is cool to watch someone who has done something SO often that they get to that kind of skill level.

  3. Zilch, I agree completely that ramps would be the smarter way to do it, but you gotta admire the skill if nothing else.

  4. That’s just great!

    For some reason I don’t see reckless behavior immediately, I see ingenuity and creativity.

  5. That was cool but I can’t deny a large part of me really wanted to see it just roll over forwards

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