“Grand Theft Auto IV” has crapped out on me.

So about six hours of game time in I had just finished the mission where you deal with the problem of Vlad (if you’ve played it then you know where I was) when the game suddenly locked up during the cut scene at the end of the mission. Oh, I thought to myself, this must be the much-discussed lockup bug. So I rebooted the console and tried to launch the game. It went through the load up screens and then tried to load the last save point at which point it just sat there strobing the loading text at me for far longer than usual. When the music ended and it sat there in silence still strobing the text I figured it wasn’t going to load and rebooted the console again. Since then I’ve deleted all the save files I had, the profile, and the installation files and yet it does the same thing every time. Goes through the load screens and sits there strobing the text STARTING A NEW GAME at me endlessly. Considering that I never saw the “starting” text the first time I loaded the game the fact that I was seeing it at all wasn’t a good sign.

Now this is disturbing because my issue doesn’t sound like what other folks have been having. They all report that they get to the first cut scene and then it locks up. I’m not even making it that far. When I check the files on the hard drive I can see that the game has managed to make a profile, but not a save file so I know it’s locking up pretty early in the process. The consensus seems to be that the problem is related to the Internet connectivity and that’s one thing I haven’t tried turning off yet so we’ll see if that fixes it. I’ve not gotten a chance to try it yet today as we got up and took Melvin, the official SEB cat, to the vets then went out for lunch and an early showing of Iron Man (Super Short Review: Go see it. It’s good.) and when we got home the TV was occupied.

It’s a little bizarre to have the game work fine for two days straight and then lock up and refuse to run after that. Still I’ll try disabling the internet connectivity next and see what happens. Either way I’m not too worried about it as they’ll eventually get a patch together for it at some point. It is rather annoying though.

Update: Turning off the Internet connection got the game working again just fine. I’m back to where I was before it locked up on me the first time. So it appears it’s related to the networking in some fashion. I expect they’ll have a patch for it in short order.

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  1. Mines been locking up on the inital load during the current mission im on. Seems to work after I restart.

  2. Well…that DRM gets complicated you know smile

    I know that certain DRMs used by game companies have a fit if they can’t call home, or interfere with the installation process if they see something they don’t like.

    As for this game, I probably won’t play it, as I haven’t played GTA since the original except for a test run of GTA3 on the PS2. I enjoyed the original game, the newer ones, not so much. Probably because I enjoy top-down views for games like this, that way I can see the cops coming down the streets and outrun them… And the Hare Krishna bonus was always fun. I guess it has to do with the original having more of an arcade feel to it that I liked.

    Anyhow, there are several people with your exact issue Les. It appears the best combo is the following:

    Since you uninstalled the game, make sure you are NOT signed into the PSN.

    Install the game.

    Run the game.

    Disable Autosave.

    If you want multiplayer, you need to use the in-game cell phone to log in to PSN, instead of logging in before the game is started.

    Also, several people have said, that instead of deleting your saves, copy them off onto a USB key, and when you reinstall the game, copy them back over and they will work.

  3. Wheeler and Walker, just turning off the Internet connection is all that’s needed for me. That 12 step program is way overkill. From what I’ve read the consensus seems to be that it has something to do with the fact that GTA checks periodically to see if you’ve gotten a multiplayer invite, which would pop up on your in-game cellphone. I played for a good six hours or so yesterday without a single lockup once I disabled the Internet connection.

    Jynxed, I don’t think the issue is DRM related. If it were then disabling the Internet connection should make the problem worse, not better. I didn’t need to disable autosave and I probably didn’t need to reinstall the game. So long as I shut off the Internet connection in the network settings before playing I’m A-OK. Of course that rules out multiplayer for now, but there’ll be a patch before too long and I’m busy with the single player right now.

  4. 1. Call 1-800-4-MY-XBOX
    2. Demand your reference number ASAP.
    3. Call escalated support at 866-506-3826.
    4. Speak to someone who can actually help.

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