$6 billion later the No Child Left Behind reading program doesn’t accomplish jack shit.

No Child Left Behind reading program is failing – Los Angeles Times

WASHINGTON—The $6-billion reading program at the center of President Bush’s signature education law has failed to make a difference in how well children understand what they read, according to a study by the program’s own champion, the Department of Education.

Reading First was designed to help boost student performance in low-income elementary schools, but failed to improve reading comprehension, says the study from the Institute of Education Sciences, part of the Department of Education.

There was no difference in comprehension scores between students who participated in Reading First and those who did not, the study found.

Your tax dollars at work in the hands of an incompetent Bush Administration where political lackies are put in positions of power instead of people who actually know what they’re doing.

6 thoughts on “$6 billion later the No Child Left Behind reading program doesn’t accomplish jack shit.

  1. Honestly, one of the biggest reasons I read so much when I was little was the Pizza Hutt Bookit program.  I wish they’d invest more time into that.

  2. I heard about this a few weeks ago, but I’m not surprised:

    Reading is Fundamental Faces Losing Government Money.

    Gee, why would we bother spending 26 million on a non-profit organization that helps children to read?  Why, it’s not a faith based initiative of course! Oh yeah, and it doesn’t support the War on Terrer either!  I guess it’s just as likely that the funding is being cut because RIF provides free books to poor children.  For SHAME RIF! Stop encouraging those lazy kids to leech off the system! Those little bastards should be out working for book money if they want to read.

  3. Actually, this reminds me of a tee-shirt I just saw:  “We’ve always had crooks in government.  It’s the imbeciles I find refreshing.”

    Blech.  Talk about the perfect storm of stupidity and jack-booted arrogance.  The Bush Junta in a nutshell.

  4. Well, I can honestly say that the No Child Left Behind Act is a joke, I would say it is one of the biggest complaints of students.  The speed at which faculty has to teach has dumbed classes down to such an extent, if you are gifted, then you might as well be pulled out of public school, they have nothing left to teach you.  I have learned enough just from watching the History Channel that I do not even have to pay attention in classes, and ace the tests.  The school year ends on June 2 for Upshur county, West Virginia, and my history HONORS class is just halfway through the book.  We are studying a chapter on Asia, and my teacher had me read a book titled, “The Rape of Nanking” because I could learn very few things from the textbook.  Speaking of which, we had a chapter on Christianity, which a few of us more outspoken students refused to study.  We did this not for the fact it was on Christianity, I believe we should be heavily educated on different religions, but for the simple fact that it treated Christianity as the true religion.  Hopefully this textbook is out of print now.

  5. But you have to admit the program has a great name- doesn’t “No Child Left Behind” have the same sanctimonious grit of “Not Without My Daughter”, even if it doesn’t deliver?  And let’s face it- $6G is peanuts, just a couple weeks worth of Iraq.  The feel-good factor is well worth it.

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