Xbox 360 version of GTA4 already cracked and loose on the net.

Every now and then you’ll see an article about how gaming on the PC is dieing thanks to rampant piracy. Everyone wants to make console games because they’re supposedly harder for the pirates to crack and distribute. So perhaps someone could explain to me how the Asian PAL version of GTA4 is already on the net?

At approximately 1:45AM EST the Xbox 360 version of Grand Theft Auto IV was leaked onto the internet. According to our X3F tipsters, who better plan on actually buying the game, thousands of users are leeching the 6.36 GB potential game of the year candidate. The release is a rip of the PAL version, specifically from the Asian market, and comes a mere six days before retailers place the game on store shelves.

We don’t want to get on our soapbox here but we hope our readers would shy away from downloading a full version of the game, especially considering the team at Rockstar North have garnered near-perfect review scores for the release. Why? Well, it’s illegal kids … actually come to think of it, this leak is deliciously ironic. Isn’t it?

Yeah it really is. Just goes to show that the consoles aren’t all that much more difficult to pirate games for than the PC is.

6 thoughts on “Xbox 360 version of GTA4 already cracked and loose on the net.

  1. Someone explain to me as an absolute console-non-expert (never owned one): How does this help a wanna-be-“Early adopter”? Can you somehow play this downloaded copy on your console? Or do you haver to play it on an emulator, or what?

  2. You have to burn it to a DVD and then you can play it on your Xbox 360. Assuming you have one that’s region encoded for the Asian market.

  3. Ah, okay. For some stupid reason, I still think consoles run cartridges. I guess that really hasn’t been the case for some years.

  4. Not sense the PS1 at least. I believe the Nintendo 64 was the last console to use cartridges. All of the Sony and Xbox consoles have used disc based media.

  5. yeah…..

    in 3rd world countries, the price of one game may equal to a month salary of a worker….

    so piracy is still an answer for poor people who want have fun in their difficult life

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