Why Intelligent Design really is the truth.

This video from Edward Current has set me straight. You just can’t argue with logic like this:

Found via Pharyngula.


12 thoughts on “Why Intelligent Design really is the truth.

  1. It’s too bad that many creationists will not figure out that this is satire, his disclaimer notwithstanding. Nor will they spot the deliberately painful fallacies he commits.

  2. Do you really think that if Creationism wasn’t the truth that God would have blessed all of those people with the $10 it costs to register a domain name?

    That’s just cool.

  3. Ow! The sarcasm! It burns us!

    Well, hey. I would rather have the sarcasm than the stoopid. At least most of the pain was in my sides from laughing my ass off. The rest of it was from hitting my head as I rolled onto the floor.

  4. I’m so glad he threw that $10 blessing comment in.

    Ever since I saw the “banana as proof of creationism” video I’ve had the hardest time telling the satirists from those with hardcore delusions.

  5. He has a habit of popping up in the ‘also’ list on you tube if you start looking for ID stuff, because he plays it so straight. 
    I don’t watch usually because it is so accurate that it’s painful- the guy is parody genius- its only the fact he has had to start stating its parody that gives it away.  I’m waiting for an IDiot to use one of this videos to support ID.

  6. Hes making fun of ineligent design and your all laughing along
    how uncristian of you all darwin must die
    an it thought it was spam so i had to add this line to make it work

  7. People have been calling me un-Christian for years! Ever since told everyone I was an atheist, actually. Can you imagine? The nerve of some people!

  8. Hes making fun of ineligent design and your all laughing along

    Dude, you…uh…mis-spelled ‘inelegant’. Just thought I’d point that out, not like todays 1337-speak addled kids care these days.  LOL

  9. don’t know what satire is….
    the irony….

    I have it on good authority that the most obtrusively ardent IDiots (Behe, Bush, et. al.) are actually satirists and ironists too- but at another level.  For what it’s worth.

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