Richard Dawkins will make a guest appearance on “Doctor Who.”

I’m a long time Doctor Who fan as well as a long time Richard Dawkins fan and now two of my favorite things will be combined if only for a little while:

He is the creator of galaxies, saviour of Saturday night telly and the most influential gay man in Britain, but Russell T Davies can still shriek like a starstruck fanboy. “Richard Dawkins!”

The evolutionary biologist and best-selling author of The God Delusion will appear as a guest star in the new series of Doctor Who, which began last night. “People were falling at his feet,” says Davies, creator of the BBC’s flagship show. “We’ve had Kylie Minogue on that set, but it was Dawkins people were worshipping.”

As writer and executive producer of Doctor Who, Davies often plays with religious imagery (from a cross-shaped space station to robot angels with halos), but he’s a fervent believer in Dawkins. “He has brought atheism proudly out of the closet!”

Dawkins has an indirect connection with Doctor Who because he’s married to Lalla Ward who once played Romana, a fellow Time Lord and traveling companion of The Fourth Doctor during Tom Baker’s years. It appears that Davies is a big fan of Dawkins as well, however, and that led to him making a brief appearance as himself in an upcoming episode. Once I find out which one it is I’ll let you know.

The first episode of season fourth just aired last night and I’ve already grabbed it off the night. It was a bit on the silly side, but it wasn’t a bad start and I’m looking forward to the rest of the season. Just an FYI the link to the full article above does contain at least one spoiler about an upcoming episode so if you’re avoiding spoilers you may want to avoid the article altogether.

12 thoughts on “Richard Dawkins will make a guest appearance on “Doctor Who.”

  1. I quite enjoyed this first episode – the aliens were cute and the familiar face appearing at the end of the episode was surprising.

  2. I would rather see RICHARD DAWKIN as one of DR WHOS enemies its a more fitting role for this ignoramus he is arrogant and evil

  3. Ricgard dawkins is a arrogant and stupid atheists moron destite his so called knowlage he is acuialy very igorant

  4. Richard Dawkins despite all his so called knowlage is acuialy extremly ignorant and arrogant as well he acuialy called all those who beleive in creation as stupid well then he has just insulted some of historys greatests scientists, SIR ISSAC NEWTON,LOUIE PASTURE and GALILEO but he most likely attended a school run by the corupted NEA

  5. If you’re just going to show up and post the same stupid comment with slight variations then don’t bother.

  6. That’s a pretty funny list, Julian. Sadly I’ve heard a few of those arguments over the years.

  7. I did not know Dawkins when this must have aired, never saw him in the episode but still I feel the need to comment on him being an enemy. Doctor Who was set up as a show to teach kids about science, it’s based in science and reality though of course it has its fiction and fun breaking such things often, it still adheres to the core concept though of being scientific. I can not recall the doctor ever praying to god for something to happen, he always trusts in his Sonic Screwdriver and wit to get past, say, a securely locked door. Dawkins, who wishes to teach science and spread knowledge in the world where it has been censored, would do well to be a companion rather then a foe, I could easily see him being an older wise time lord of sorts in the series.

  8. Trock, he wasn’t a foe. He’s in the second to final episode of season 4 titled The Stolen Earth. In it the Daleks have pulled Earth and 26 other planets across space to power a doomsday device. Dawkins shows up in a news segment arguing that 26 planets didn’t just suddenly appear in our sky, but that our planet has actually traveled across space.

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