PS3 owners: Get ready to rumble!

The one thing I was disappointed about with the PS3 was the lack of rumble in the SIXAXIS controller. The reasons cited by Sony were lame excuses to cover up the fact that they were being petulant about losing the lawsuit with the patent owners. Fortunately they have since kissed and made up and a new Dual Shock 3 controller hits stores next week:

Rumble is back with the DUALSHOCK 3 wireless controller for PLAYSTATION 3. These are shipping to store shelves as we speak, so be on the lookout for them next week. Now I know that the list of compatible games is the most important thing to you, so we’re including that at the bottom of this post. The titles with an asterisk in the list below will require a patch in order to activate the rumble feature. The patch will automatically download to your PS3 if your console is connected online. If you are not connected online, check our PlayStation Knowledge Center for more information.

Originally these weren’t supposed to hit store shelves until April 15th, but Sony managed to get them out to retailers early so they’ll be released early. Which is just fine with me as GTA IV is just around the corner. Though I have to admit that the price tag for the new controllers is a bit on the high side at $55 so I probably won’t be grabbing one right away. The good news is that Sony will be discontinuing the SIXAXIS altogether so it won’t be long before folks buying a new PS3 will get a Dual Shock 3 as part of the package.

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