Lazy weekend recap.

I had a half-productive weekend with Saturday being the productive day and Sunday being the lay-around-enjoying-nothing-in-particular day. The weather Saturday was fabulous with highs in the 60’s and gentle breezes which made the trip up to my grandmother-in-law’s place that much more enjoyable. We finally made it back up with a new graphics card and monitor for her PC as her old graphics card wasn’t displaying the color red for some reason and her old monitor was, frankly, tiny. When you’re a 94 year-old computin’ granny you can use all the screen size you can manage. The whole job took about a half-hour, but we were there for almost two hours because she had taken the time to make us a lunch that was really fit to be a dinner. She and Uncle Mike presented me with a debit gift card to say thanks for all the PC work I’ve done for them lately (we were up a couple of weeks ago doing additional work on several other relatives’ PCs).

Then we spent the rest of Saturday visiting with our good friend Eric Paulsen. Some of you may remember Eric as a frequent contributor to SEB in the past including holding status as an Official Guest Bastard. He was laid off from work around about the same time I was the first time (over two years ago) and has, like us, had to move back in with relatives to survive. Unlike myself, however, Eric has had a harder time finding work and we lost touch with him for awhile. Turns out he’s living more or less on the way to my parent’s place, which is also not far from where Anne’s relatives live in Davison, so we called him up and hung out with him for the rest of the afternoon. We went out to dinner with Eric at the local Subways before we headed home for the night. All in all it was an enjoyable and productive day.

Sunday I got to take advantage of the debit gift card I received. The monitor I gave to Anne’s grandmother was the 17” model I carted around with me to LAN parties which meant I no longer had a gaming monitor as I’m not about to try to log the Dell 21” CRT I have on my desk over to my buddy’s basement for his LAN parties. I did that once and getting it up and down the basement steps, both there and at home, damn near gave me a hernia. With some of the recent deals on flat panels Anne said I could combine the gift card with a little money from our checking account and pick up a new flat panel monitor that will replace the 21” Dell on my desktop and still be light enough to tote around to LAN parties. The 21” CRT will go up to my parent’s place to replace the 21” monitor they already have that is starting to give up the ghost. The display is unusually fuzzy on their 21” and it shifts the screen occasionally for no apparent reason. So I’m getting one of Samsung’s newer models: The Samsung 2053BW 20” LCD. The viewable area is actually slightly larger than the 21” CRT I’m giving up and it has a resolution of 1680 x 1050 which should be very nice indeed.

And that’s about all I did all weekend. The rest of Sunday was spent either playing on the PC or watching Episode II and III of the Star Wars prequels on SpikeTV because I hadn’t seen them in awhile. What were you folks up to? Anything interesting?

4 thoughts on “Lazy weekend recap.

  1. I got tied up with Star Wars also.  I was a little bent when I had to cook supper, running back and forth to keep up with the story line.  But it was enjoyable because I don’t remember some of the scenes.  Old age I guess!

  2. Nope, he was a rather active member of SEB though. He has around 58 entries and 471 comments to his name. He and I have been friends for almost two decades as well.

  3. Why does that name Eric Paulsen sound so familiar?

    It’s sounds familiar to me cause it’s close to a name used in a famous movie: “His name is Robert Paulson… His name is Robert Paulson.” Any guesses?

    I got out a little this weekend which made me smile as it was gorgeous in IL! My Fiances parents came down on Sunday and we took them out to a hockey game. The team here sucks but they actually won a game and it ended in a shootout which was pretty cool.

    I also got caught up in all the great movies that were one, Star Wars, LOTR, and a few others that are escaping me.

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