“Grand Theft Auto IV” appears to be living up to the hype.

Today was the day that the embargo on GTA IV reviews was lifted and all the non-exclusive reviews finally hit the net. So far GTA IV is racking up an incredible number of perfect and near-perfect scores. There are some minor flaws here and there, but the story, presentation, and greatly improved control schemes are winning accolades. Here’s Game Trailer’s video review as an example:

Now I just have to hope that Amazon.com has shipped the title so it’ll arrive on Tuesday. I’m looking forward to spending a fair amount of time just driving around checking out the city.

10 thoughts on ““Grand Theft Auto IV” appears to be living up to the hype.

  1. Ok… wow… just… wow…

    Me likey. 

    Too bad I’ve got a lot of other games awaiting my attention, but this is going to be a serious must have at some point, hopefully soon.

  2. Pre-bought mine from the Best Buy.
    I’m starting to feel a touch of the flu bug.
    Guess I’ll be at home “sick in bed” tomorrow!

  3. Turns out my girlfriend had already decided she was getting this for me.  We “pre-ordered” it around 8 then picked it up at midnight at a local Game Stop.  Played it for an hour or so before having to go to bed.  Too bad I’ve got lots of work that needs to get done at my job, otherwise I might have pulled a Spocko.  Then again, if I had done that, I probably should have spent a lot of that time packing to be ready to move into our new house.

  4. I’m just hoping that my copy isn’t stolen by the UPS guys before it gets here.

    Of course I’m working afternoons this week so chances are it’ll arrive just in time for me to have to leave without ever opening it.

  5. ill crack it soon and then ill post the rapidshare links and to all my fellow Americans remember its just a game DON’T try to get a high score in real life and start shooting each other

  6. I’d rather you didn’t post links to cracked versions of GTA here. There are plenty of other websites which would be happy to host that info.

  7. I get bored of games like this, though I keep meaning to return to ‘Black Monday’ because of the accurate model of London in it.

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