The credulous are ripe pickings for the unscrupulous.

Every now and then someone asks me what harm there is in people believing in nonsense such as psychics and tarot cards. I just have to point them to news stories like this one:

Pair charged in tarot card curse scheme –

NAPERVILLE, Ill.—Authorities say the owners of a suburban Chicago tarot-card reading business have been charged in an alleged plan to defraud customers by persuading them they were cursed.

The DuPage County sheriff’s office says customers of Psychic Tarot Card Reading thought they could only lose the curse by undergoing thousands of dollars worth of counseling.

These two got caught before anyone lost any significant money, but there are dozens of cases of folks losing multiple thousands of dollars to their stupid beliefs in psychics and other “supernatural” nonsense. As always I’m torn between wanting to see justice done to scam artists and letting the overly credulous lose their shirts on the off chance that it’d teach them a lesson, but they seldom seem to learn it.

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