“The Bourne Conspiracy” video game looks like it might be good.

As a rule video games based on movies are the suck. There’s been very few licensed video game titles that were worth playing with the Chronicles of Riddick being one of the more notable exceptions. Now someone is doing one based on my favorite action movie series The Bourne Conspiracy and the trailer makes it look like it might just be pretty good:

If they really manage to pull off the seamless combat as that trailer suggest then I’ll be a happy gamer. Will have to keep an eye on this one.

8 thoughts on ““The Bourne Conspiracy” video game looks like it might be good.

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    if they do as good a job as they say then that will be the best yet. I have personally seen all the Bourne movies and i loved them all. this will be on my must buy list as soon as it comes out.

  3. Les,
        I have no Idea how my post wound-up in your blog….was responding to a post about bush veto re. torture….and now I am being tortured by the feds to reveal the location of Jason Bourne !

    please kill me (my post) before I spill my guts smile

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