So I’m sitting in the library…

…looking for stuff to blog about in my RSS feeds and I’m coming up with a whole bunch’a nothin’. You’d think with as many different blogs and websites that I keep track of there’d be something, but so far nothing has gripped me. I’m feeling a complete lack of grippedness.

It’s almost four o’clock and I’ll be packing up in about 15 minutes to head back over to the campus for final check in and then go home. We had a pretty busy morning reinstalling the 76 PCs we broke down yesterday for an overnight move. You’d think that 76 PCs would take awhile to do, but there’s enough of us that on average we did around 7 PCs each, some of us a little more and some a little less, and it took all of an hour to do. Then I took a shuttle over to another building to do a couple of LAN jacks without the aid of a Fluke and then I went out to my car to eat lunch.

I eat lunch in the car because I’m often sleepy when I’m finished eating so if I have nothing else going on I’ll take a short nap. With no further assignments being phoned in I came over to the library at around 1:30 to set up my laptop and get some blogging in. Except that I can’t find anything to blog about other than what I did today at work. Go figure.

There was some positive news on the job hunt side of things today. I got a phone call from a new contract house looking for Call Center (read: Help Desk) people. I’m not a big fan of doing tech support over the phone, but it’d kick my pay up by another $6.50 an hour and provide full benefits including paid time off and tuition assistance so I was all ears. The job itself would be based in Detroit proper so it’d be a much longer drive, but it’s still a step up. Word had it that the company in question would be making decisions on who to interview this afternoon so I should hear back within a few days on whether or not I’ve got to dig out my going-to-an-interview clothes. I guess that little bit of news makes the rest of this needlessly verbose entry worthwhile.

6 thoughts on “So I’m sitting in the library…

  1. I’m sorry you haven’t been able to make your own material Les. Maybe you’ll find something good to copy soon.

  2. I’m working on it, but if you’re that dissatisfied then one has to wonder why you still hang around here.

  3. but if you’re that dissatisfied then one has to wonder why you still hang around here.

    I’m not dissatisfied, I’m just giving you shit for admitting you copy other blogs material.

  4. Not material, Moloch. Les is looking for something to pull his string so he can either have a tirade or share the proverbial “something new under the sun” with those who have less time to search the blogs for something interesting. I have found this site very good for sharing things both current and interesting. I especially love the “Mary sightings.”

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