People get their panties in a twist over atheist billboard.

The True Believers™ down in Florida are suffering fainting spells over a billboard ad that declares all religions to be fairy tales:

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla.—It looked harmless enough, but the words on a billboard unnerved so many people that a popular restaurant nearby actually lost business. The billboard was on Colonial Drive near Old Cheney Highway.

Although the popular Straub’s Seafood restaurant often advertises on it, it wasn’t their billboard. The sign was taken down after Channel 9 started asking questions.

The billboard came down around 4:00 Friday afternoon and nearby business owners are relieved. Straub’s Restaurant can replace the sign with the night’s specials.

At first glance, the sign looked like a children’s cartoon, but the message next to the fairy princess stirred emotions.

“When you condemn all religions and say they are a fairytale, that is wrong,” said Rich Stormes, a nearby business owner.

Oh my goodness! Someone get the smelling salts! I think poor Mr. Stormes is about to have a case of the vapors! Fair warning! I’m including a copy of this terrible abomination immediately below! You may want to have small children and women leave the room before you look at it!

Click to embiggen!

The billboard went up a week before Easter and business at the restaurant went down.

“Easter Sunday is usually a busy good day,” said John Russel, an employee at Straub’s. “Easter Sunday business was down by two-thirds.”

Since the sign is so close, John Russel’s customers thought the restaurant paid for the billboard. To clear any confusion up, Russel put up a sign of his own and called MediaNet, the company who owns the billboard.

“It’s been causing us some problems. I think it’s causing a bit of controversy city-wide. People have been contacting the media,” Russel added.

I can at least sympathize with the business owner here. If folks were misconstruing that it was put up by his business when it wasn’t and business has dropped off since it went up as a result, well, I can’t really fault the guy for being upset about it. Still, I find the whole situation pretty funny.

For their part the company that owns the billboard claims it’s an illegal posting that was put up in the dead of night which is why they took it down. The local business owners don’t really buy that argument, but I suppose it is a possibility that can’t be ruled out short of some group coming forward and claiming they paid for it.

This was sent in by several people over the weekend.

27 thoughts on “People get their panties in a twist over atheist billboard.

  1. And I can’t tell you how many religious billboards I have driven by that I bet so much as a finger was never raised for.

  2. I’m not going to MASTER TECH either!

    So its OKAY to put up billboards advertising that an invisible man in the sky loves you, but saying that invisible man in the sky isn’t real is NOT OKAY to advertise?

  3. From the Wikipedia article:

    Seventh-day Adventist Church

    The Seventh-day Adventist Church has always taken a stance against blue laws. Churchmembers keep the Sabbath on Saturday, thus conflicting with Sunday laws. In the early days of the church in the mid 1800s, a number of Adventists in America were imprisoned for a short time for working in their fields on Sunday.

    Now, I gotta wonder if the Adventists are opposed to blue laws only because they like to give their god a day off on Saturday instead of Sunday, or do they really understand how such BS causes problems for everyone? I wonder if they hold a similar view on Church/State separation.

  4. It’s not only Saturday, but from sun-down on Friday evening to sun-down on Saturday evening that they consider their weekly Sabbath. Also, they are firm believers in the body being a holy temple of God, so they don’t drink soda, coffee, eat candy, chocolate, etc. Honestly, in their beliefs, they really aren’t that much less strict than Mennonites. Also, if you go by original Hebrew/Julian calender dates, etc, the seventh day of the week really was Saturday, which is why they still hold this belief, and why they came into conflict with Sunday Blue Laws. The Jews had similar conflicts.

    As far as Church/State separation, from what I understand from dealing with them years ago, is that they believe in being from this world, but not of this world. In other words, they are focused on getting to heaven more than focusing on worldly things like politics, etc. Render unto Caesar, what is Caesar’s and unto God, what is God’s, and all of that stuff. They observe a strict literalist interpretation of scripture as I mentioned earlier.

    Part of what irritated them about Blue Laws in general, is that they were made to interfere by religious groups into what belongs to “Caesar”.

    Yes, they are anti-abortion, etc, because of “Thou Shalt Not Kill”, but you won’t find them picketing abortion clinics.

  5. Wha? Have a good look at Les Jenkins… I bet he’s a really cool guy to hang around with… yeah, would never hurt a fly. Probably the next headline reads “Stabs estranged girlfriend 36 times at anarchist pot luck dinner…” This site is proof, actually, that the philosophy of atheism is a slow death sentence. Write your own ticket people, write your own ticket…

  6. Was that SPAM or is the douche serious?

    Considering the email address: “” I’d say it was…damn, I can’t decide.

  7. Can’t be spam as they didn’t provide links to anything. Just someone who seems to think I look scary and thusly is proof positive of the dead-end that is atheist philosophy, whatever the hell that is.

  8. This site is proof, actually, that the philosophy of atheism is a slow death sentence.

    Living is a slow death sentence.

    Nah, Les, you don’t look scary. Seriously red-neck, but not scary.

    I still say bounty hunter.

  9. hello all. i am the manager at STRAUBS SEAFOOD. I personally DO NOT care what people put up on that billboard. The fact is i wasted countless hours and in person telling people we do not own that billboard.Who is responsible for my 10 hours i wasted answerin phones and talking to people in the resturant and being told to go outside to talk to them. with the billboard company in denial about, people are now questioning my credibility. we had for 1 year before that, advertised on that board.we stopped…then they put ms fairy up. The majority of my guest are veterens of the ww11, korean wars. They see that sign and think it is straubs who owns it. We lease the property…bottom line channel 9 squeezed him and he floundered like a baby…all he had to do was sign it and move along. the fact thet the billboard owner sat back and giggled while someone else was getting blamed. If you have the balls to put it up, have the balls to sign/admit it. I feel straubs was stuck in the middle. It really had nothing to do with the us against them groups. Its all about a group or person who put up a sign and did not have the balls to stand behind his belief and ran like a cowared when he was called out..PEACE

  10. Tough luck if you are who claim to be (by the way, the countless hours numbered ten?). However, ever heard of anonymity? One man’s cowardice is another man’s exercise of a First Amendment right.

  11. When most people recall an event that directly affected them they do not slip in and out of first and third person. I say the dude above is not the restaurant owner.

  12. Webs, the comment’s author claims to be the manager and not the owner of the place and in this case, it’s not unexpected to flip between first and third person. Be that as it may, it doesn’t really matter if the commenter misrepresented himself or not.

  13. the countless hours were over a 10 day period. minutes and seconds at a time. add them all up and i bet i wasted 10 man hours. also channel 9 squeezed the billboard owner….anything else you would like cleared up? oh yea forgive me for saying I,we and us = straubs. funny how the far left is as focked up as the far right

  14. nah….usually some funny stuff here….just answering the peoples questions…..why are you asking me questions? should i answer or just let it go?

  15. So Les, someone accused you of looking like you are in the SCA.  Are you?

  16. Was that SPAM or is the douche serious?

    Nah—douches actually have a purpose.  Or at least they do until the vagina evolves the ability to go, “HAAAAACHHHHKK——-PTHOOO!”

  17. B-girl, nope. I’ve never joined SCA, though I did own some boots and a belt that were made for me by a SCA member. I wore them as part of my garb for attending the Renaissance Festival, which is about as close to SCA as I’ve ever gotten.

    CG, you owe me a new keyboard. I ruined this one with the milk that shot out of my nose.

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