It’s a good thing I brought my laptop to work with me…

…because I’m on call and thusly sitting across the street at the library. There was supposed to be a rather large project today, but either the PCs didn’t get delivered or someone canceled it or something ‘cause they had a whopping 10 PCs to refresh in one building today and that’s about it. There’s a chance I could get called to run some tickets, but I’m not holding my breath.

The laptop is currently staged with Windows XP and it’s running OK albeit a tad on the slow side. Might just slap Windows 98 on it later this week and be done with it. I did get Ubuntu installed at one point and even got it working with the 3COM 10/100 card, but couldn’t get it to work with my wireless card. Tried Puppy Linux out and that is nice and speedy, but couldn’t figure out how to get it to install on the hard drive and also couldn’t get it to work with my wireless card. So I slapped XP on for the time being.

The Warren public library is nice and big with lots of power outlets and wide open wireless so I should be fairly comfortable here for awhile. Just wish there were power outlets near by the larger tables. Need to take some screen cleaner to this laptop screen too. It’s a tad bit dusty. Didn’t notice it in the dark of the basement, but it sure stands out in daylight.

OK, time to get caught up on my blog reading. More later as I think of stuff to write about.

11 thoughts on “It’s a good thing I brought my laptop to work with me…

  1. You might want to try out Anti-X Linux.  It’s based on SimplyMEPIS which in turn is based on Debian.  It’s the distro I currently use on my ancient laptop and my Linksys WPC54GS wireless card worked out of the box.  Actually, that’s not entirely true.  I had to do some minor configuration as my home wireless network isn’t an open network.

    Good luck!

  2. Yep, gone now. The Defensio site says it may take a few days for it to really kick in as its adaptive filters adjust.

  3. Not sure. The software license on the site implies that it’ll require a purchase, but it could just be standard boilerplate they put into place for the time being.

  4. It’s not an open beta as far as I know, he was just looking for a few folks to help test it out. There’s a post about it on the forums at ExpressionEngine.

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