First day of spring 2008.

So spring has finally sprung, or at least so says the calendar. Here in Michigan we’ll be lucky to hit temps of 45 degrees today and we’re due an inch or two of snow sometime tomorrow. Still, it’s a nicely sunny day so long as you don’t step outside without a good jacket and at least we know that things should be thawing out sooner rather than later. It’s at least starting to smell a bit like spring outside.

15 thoughts on “First day of spring 2008.

  1. The weather forecast idiots kept saying all last week that yesterday (Wednesday) were were supposed to get the “snow storm of 2008!” What did we get? A beautiful 65*f sunny day.

  2. Taking delight in a spring Day?

    See you do believe and find joy in God after all

    may you find joy in all of your days like

  3. Ha!  Spring my hairy…  Yesterday it was Spring.  Today there was a blizzard.  Wisconsin’s like that… Either that or Spring only lasted two days this year.  Damn Global Warming!!

    Besides…. I haven’t had my day yet.  It’s not officially Spring until then.  Two years ago it was early.  Last year it was about on time.  This year…. late.  At a guess, probably two or three more weeks.

  4. Sometimes I wish George W didn’t have control over the weather, like some people claim!  snake

  5. If God gets to take credit for spring days does that mean that Frankenstein can claim chocolate chip cookies, and can Webster be responsible for labor pains? Sara, you want to push things onto fictions? We can do that, just as long as you know that all figments of your imagination are created equal. They’re all bullshit, no matter how nice (or nasty) the weather is.

  6. So if:
    {Taking delight in a spring Day} == {Believing and finding joy in God},

    does that mean that:

    {Enjoying an autumn day} == {Worshipping Satan}?

    That you either hate autumn or you’re a Satan Worshipper.

    So which is it Sara?

  7. what about winter and summer , mmmmmm winter is god’s (his sons birthday)  and summer is satan’s (due to the bikini phenomenon) looooooooool

  8. Enjoying a spring day has nothing to do with believing in God. What silly thing to say.

    That’s the problem.  It’s not silly from their perspective.  You not seeing “the majesty of God” in a Spring day is honestly incomprehensible to them.  Most of the time, it takes a LOT of rationalization and indoctrination for a decade or more sometimes (growing up in that kind of family or living in a tight-knit church community) to get to believe those kinds of things, and it certainly isn’t going to be dispelled by calling it “silly” or using logic or anything, at least not the first six hundred times.

    These days, unless they’re coming at me with a “Believe or you’re going to hell you anti-american terrorist atheist bastard” I just sigh and move on.

  9. “In the spring a young man’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love.” So we become horny and create new human beings. When a baby is born it is one of God’s miracles. Yeah . . . I’m beginning to get the connection. We become horny, so that makes us more like God. Uhhh, wait, I lost the connection.  LOL

  10. Iā€™m beginning to get the connection. We become horny, so that makes us more like God. Uhhh, wait, I lost the connection.  LOL

    šŸ˜€ One of the best anti-creationist arguments I’ve heard is.  “If God did design us, why does masturbation feel good?”

  11. You guys are all so silly!  Here in Vienna, by the way, we’re celebrating the coldest Easter (or Ostara, or vernal equinox- whichever you prefer) in thirty years, with highs of just above freezing.  I guess global warming is really just a green commie plot…

  12. Green commies?  They must be mutants…. or alien-human hybrids… That would explain Global Climate Change….

    The aliens can’t breathe our atmosphere, so they infiltrated the corporate world to create the oil conglomerates.  They’ve wanted this all along.  It is a plot… It’s an invasion..

    Hang on… time for my meds….

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