***Dave says: “Daag!”

Poor ***Dave. He’s over in Amsterdam on business and he’s so bored he chatted with me on Google Talk this morning. Apparently it’s around about 5PM over there and still too early in the morning back in Colorado for him to chat with his family so I was the next best thing. He’s having fun doing the Corporate Jet Set thing and plans to get some sight-seeing in today.

I confessed that reading his exploits on his blog made me feel like I still haven’t quite grown up. He’s off being all managerial and international and I’m still plugging away in the trenches. Most guys my age in my field are usually doing the manager thing at this point it seems. I believe I’m the oldest guy on my crew at work.

Probably for the best, though. I’m much more hedonistic than ***Dave is so who knows how corrupting the city of Amsterdam would be if I were the one on that trip. The meetings would definitely be a lot different with me in attendance. Partially because I hate meetings and partially because, well, I’m me. ***Dave plans to bring back souvenirs for everyone in the Blogosphere when he comes home so get ready to be showered in cool stuff. OK, I made that last part up.

What’s even more sad than the fact that ***Dave could only find me to chat with is the fact that I’m actually blogging about it. Go figure.

8 thoughts on “***Dave says: “Daag!”

  1. I have been following his exploits there with some jealousy.  That “boredom” appears to be a ruse.

    And yeah, reading his blog sometimes I feel like I should be thinking about what I want to do when I grow up.  I wonder if there’s really a whole team of ***Daves. Three of ‘em, maybe, one for each star.

  2. I wonder if there’s really a whole team of ***Daves. Three of ‘em, maybe, one for each star

    If you had 3 ***Daves, then you’d have 9*s in total, which then would mean you’d get 9 ***Daves (one for each star), and so it’d go on. We’d create an infinite loop in the universe – we’d have ***Dave the infinite

  3. Most guys my age in my field are usually doing the manager thing at this point it seems. I believe I’m the oldest guy on my crew at work.

    Being a manager is overrated. Oh to be a peon again. I’d gladly dig ditches if I could find somebody to pay me $40 an hour to do it.

  4. “How can you be bored in Amsterdam?”  By being on a canal tour where you can’t actually see much of anything because its drizzly and the windows are all foggy and water-specked. 

    I’d actually had a pretty fun time that day at the Rijksmuseum and the Van Gogh Museum, so it’s not like I was weeping into my lager the entire trip.

    “The weed, the ladies…”  Aside from just being an unbearable stick in the mud, I wasn’t all that interested in the weed (though I had plenty of good beer and genever).  As for the ladies—well, not only am I very happily monogamous, but I fear the Red Light District (yes, we did a walk-around one evening) is very much of the frat boy / sailor-attracting kind of a place.  I like my porn either much more personal or much more abstract. 

    And, honestly, after a week away from the wife and kid, I was quite ready to be headed home (where I now am).  So that probably added to the ennui that sent me hunting to see who was signed into GTalk.

    “Colorado?  What does he do there?”  I’m a pointy-haired IT manager for a Great Metropolitan Enginering & Construction Firm, fighting a never-ending battle for truth, justice, and good development practices.

    I will not pretend that I’d rather be digging ditches or slinging hamburgers than doing what I’m doing, and I’ll be the first to admit that my job (and income) give me a lot of opportunities for fun and travel that a lot of people don’t have.  On the other hand, we jet-setting pointy-haired manager types aren’t always having a wildly hedonistic time (alas), and there’s only so often you can lounge about the board room drinking brandy and chortling over the fates of the proles before it begins to pall.  So be sure to send some sympathetic thoughts our way whenever you can … we can use your support tongue wink

    I *did* promise Les something tall and blond as a souvenir—but perhaps I can get by with something rectuagular and yellow—videos from a show I found on the Dutch TV (or, rather, the imported from the UK) called “Braniac”: 

    … comes highly recommended (and worth searching for further ones on YouTube).

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