Damned annoying day at work so far…

For the better part of the day today I’ve had nothing to do. I was asked earlier in the morning to take a shuttle across campus to a building for the sole purpose of turning on a single PC so the build team could launch the build. When I got there the guy who runs the department asked me, “But what about the three other PCs that need to be built?” Called my RC to find out. Nope, just the one at the moment and she has no idea if the other three will be scheduled anytime soon. I’m used to that so it really didn’t annoy me too much other than having to explain to the fellow sitting there that the process is stupid for stupid reasons and that I, being a peon, can’t do a damned thing about it.

The damned annoying part came much later. After I went to lunch and was chilling out in my car listening to NPR. It’d been a good couple of hours since my last goose chase when my RC finally calls about ten minutes to 2PM. She’s got some tickets for me to do across campus again, can I get to a fax machine. Told her I was in the car and that I’d drive over instead of taking the shuttle and call her as soon as I find a fax machine. Takes about 15 minutes to make the trip, find a parking spot, get inside and find a fax machine. I call her back at her office number. No answer. I try her cell phone and learn the she’s left to go to a late lunch.

Thanks for making me bust my ass to get to a across campus for no good reason. The building I’m in at that point really doesn’t have a spot you can hang out in an inconspicuous manner either so I head back over to the building we use as a home base and figure I’ll take a shuttle back when she finally calls. Hope she doesn’t have a ton of work to do there as it’s getting pretty late in the day. She’s new so I’m going to cut her some slack, but even if I had been in a building when she called it can take five to ten minutes to track down a fax machine so if she didn’t have the time to wait it would’ve been better to just call me after she’d gone to lunch and come back. Grrrr.

3 thoughts on “Damned annoying day at work so far…

  1. Gotta love the decisions of those you report to… I love the fact that most of the accountants I support don’t bother actually taking the time to comprehend my emails, because I know I love to explain repeatedly why something broke… On a side note I’m posting this with a PSP. Now if only I had a full keyboard, then I wouldn’t have spent 5 minutes on it.

  2. What was the Dilbert principle again? Something like those with the least ability evenutally land in positions where they can do the least damange. Unfortunately, this always turns out to be management.

    Breathe and smile, brother.

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