Child Soldier or Terrorist?

In the past I have tried to retain a neutral position regarding this story.  I am a suporter of our and our Allies actions in Afghanistan, past and future; however stories like this make it hard to have faith in our allies.

Was Omar Khadr Coerced? (National Post)

Even thought the Khadr family history is less than impresive, the Canadian governments performance on this has also been less than impressive.

I leave it to the reader to make thier own judgement.

2 thoughts on “Child Soldier or Terrorist?

  1. To be honest, I’m not a supporter of this and never have been. It’s always occurred to me to be an overreaction to 9/11.

    As far as Khadr’s alleged “coercion” goes – that behavior isn’t fit for any official, professional position. More to the point, it’s not really very effective is it? Is it even necessary?

    Of course, full-on warfare is dirty, and with the level of media exposure out there, it’s important to make it at least look clean. If we wanted to kill Osama Bin Laden, we could have (and should have) used other methods. Throwing down a military campaign is a wasteful show of force. On the other hand, if we were there to rebuild, then we should consider our predominantly offensive roles as a sign of particular danger and as a sign of the derailment of the mission.

    Up until the US started focusing its efforts on Iraq, back when Canadian forces were armed to the teeth but partaking in the rebuilding of the nation, I could justify supporting them, and have. But with us on the offensive, now, and no plan in place to kill the one guy that really needs killing, I can’t justify us being there. Honestly, I can’t even say with confidence what we’re doing there, anymore. Someone asks, I say we’re “building schools and shooting people”.

  2. I agree with Patness. The war in Afghanistan is bullshit. So we may have killed a few Taliban Fighters, for those of you supporting the war in Afghanistan, how many innocent civilian lives are you willing to sacrifice for what we did?

    And the rest of Patness’ comment covers my other points…

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