“Big Dog” shows that robots are getting more capable all the time.

Check out this video clip of the “Big Dog” robot in action on a variety of surfaces. The four legged robot is fully autonomous and capable of crossing just about any terrain with a payload of almost 350 pounds strapped to it. When it stumbles and recovers it looks eerily like real animal only without a head of any kind. At one point one of the guys who built it gives it a good shove and it manages to remain upright:

It seems the motor functions of robots are getting quite sophisticated and small enough in size to make them practical. Now we just need to get some major advancements in AI and we’ll have our own robot butlers before too long. Of course someone will eventually invent robotic sex dolls at which point the entire nerd population will die out and technological progress will come to a screeching halt.

5 thoughts on ““Big Dog” shows that robots are getting more capable all the time.

  1. WOW, I think energy sources are a problem for now, you could hear that two stroke on the autonomous model, I feel sorry for the poor nerd who mounts a model aircraft engine with a tuned pipe to his blowup doll, its going to be messy.

  2. John Connors – HELP! The future is here. And, like Les said, only a matter of time before sex robots are created. Would they be as easy to trace as Emperor’s Club hookers? Let’s hope they follow the Rules for Robots – Oh Oh, that didn’t work, either, did it? (See or read “I Robot”) tongue wink

  3. Looks like something out of “The Fly”.  Creepy and yet quite meserizing.

    Next generation fuel cells could quiet the noise.  Artificial muscle powered by a couple tanks of glucose and vegetable oil would be even creepier.

  4. Hey, a robot sex doll could easily plug into a wall socket – you don’t need her to move around THAT much wink

    BTW, have you guys read the study that interacting with a robot pet is as beneficial for mental health and useful against depression as interacting with a real dog/cat? They found that in a scientific study in an old folk’s home. Sad any good news both, I think (sad for obvious reasons, it does feel a bit fake, and good, because why shouldn’t lonely people feel healthier and happier if its as simple as buying them robotic pets – there again, in a few years they (or you) won’t even be able to tell the difference anyway).

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