Back out to Warren this week.

So posting will be light for a bit. Well, assuming they actually keep me busy. Otherwise I’ll probably end up across the street at the library with the newly restaged laptop to take advantage of the free wireless access they offer. On the plus side at least I wouldn’t have to worry about not commenting because SEB is blocked.

3 thoughts on “Back out to Warren this week.

  1. Heh, gotta love wireless eh?

    Anyways,  I think this is pretty funny.  I can acess this website while in my school. ;D Looks like they haven’t found yer website out yet!


  2. Oddly enough Courtney’s school doesn’t block SEB either. She’s been known to pull the site up once or twice.

  3. I’m thinking about just reading it every day now in CST.

    I have too much free time.  Today I had about… an hour of free time.  I just began to read all of your posts..

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