Writers strilke has ended. Get ready for the actors strike.

The media is all aflutter about how the writers strike has come to an end. Let me be the first to say: Yawn.

It’s pretty well known that I’m not a big TV watcher to begin with so the impact of the writers strike for me has been pretty much no real change in my viewing habits. I suppose the increase in so-called Reality TV programming did make me even less likely to sit down in front of the tube, but not so much so that I’d say it was an impact. There’s a handful of shows I like to watch—House, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles—but I’m not so devoted to any of them that I make a point of watching them during their scheduled time. I’ll catch House whenever I happen to be in front of the TV when it happens to be on, but I won’t quit playing a video game to go watch it most of the time. I’ve probably made the most effort to catch Terminator, but even then I’ve had to BitTorrent two of the past five episodes cause I was busy playing WoW. CSI is watched almost entirely through re-runs on Spike TV.

Everything else I tend to watch is either documentary in nature—Modern Marvels, The Universe, etc.—or one of the few Reality TV-ish shows I can stand such as MythBusters which, for all its focus on testing myths, is more Reality TV than documentary. Those shows are all repeated at various times during the week, though, so I never really worry about sitting down at the “official” broadcast time for a new episode because I’ll eventually see it someday anyway. Oh, and I do download new episodes of Doctor Who and Torchwood whenever they hit the net, but they don’t really count seeing as they’re from the U.K. and thus not affected by the writers strike. I am a television advertising executive’s worst nightmare I’m sure.

So the strike is over and everyone is happy and we can all look forward to the fact that the contract between the studio and the Screen Actors Guild is due to expire in June:

“The signs are mixed whether this is going to be another difficult negotiation,” Handel said. “The actors face all of the new-media issues that the writers and directors faced.”

Ha ha! Looks like we may get to do all the fun of the past several months all over again, though, again, it’ll have very little impact on my viewing habits.

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  1. I confess – I usually have the TV on alot, but that’s because I use it as a background noise.  I can’t do just one thing at a time – I love to crochet, knit, embroider, fart about on the computer, read – but I need to have something visually and audibly going on also.  Get to catch up on movies we can’t afford to see at the theater – Netflix and on demand cable rocks.

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