Windows Vista SP1 released to manufacturing, available in March.

The first service pack for Windows Vista has been finalized and is headed to the CD presses for distribution. It’ll also be available as a Windows Update download sometime in mid-march according to

Windows Vista Service Pack 1 has been released to manufacturing, Microsoft says, pegging the software update to a public roll-out in March. Along with Vista SP1, Windows Server 2008 is also said to be finished and set to arrive in the very near future.

Mike Nash from the Windows Product Management group at Microsoft confirmed Vista SP1’s arrival on Monday, saying that update contains “reliability and performance” enhancements as well as improved hardware support. Nash says that Windows Vista SP1 will be released via Windows Update and the download center in mid-March. A month later, in mid-April, Vista SP1 will be served to customers who chose to have system updates downloaded automatically.

Good news not just for Microsoft, but for Vista users struggling with the latest version of Windows. Although precise details of what will be in Vista SP1 are not yet available, judging by the beta releases, the update will address a number of common Vista headaches.

Aside from the promised improvements outlined in Nash’s blog post, Vista SP1 is also said to improve hardware compatibility, one of the chief problems for many that made the leap from XP only to find that their peripheral devices wouldn’t work under Vista.

Other changes include speeding up core system tasks, including sleep, hibernate, resume, start up and shut down. Copying or transferring files should also be sped up and there are also said to be support for new file formats in Vista.

It’ll be interesting to see if this will result in more folks making the switch to Vista as there’s a common feeling among some in the PC industry that you wait until the first service pack before adopting a new version of Windows. This service pack isn’t expected to be a big change in the way the first one for XP was for that OS, but it should help smooth things out a bit.

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  1. In that case, I might switch over soon, about time I reinstalled Windows anyway, and right now I’m running XP X64, so how much worse could things really get? I’d need to get another gig of RAM and a new video card to speed things up, but I’ve been thinking about doing both of those anyway.

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