Three actors to take over from Heath Ledger in “Dr. Parnassus.”

Heath Ledger was in the middle of filming The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus with director Terry Gilliam when he passed away. He had a major role in the film and there was much speculation over what would happen to the movie as a result of his death. Now the folks at /Film have the answer:

All of the rumors, concerns and speculation regarding how Heath Ledger’s unfortunate passing would be addressed in director Terry Gilliam’s The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, in which Ledger had a major role, can now cease. AICN is reporting that three actors will pay tribute by filling in the remainder of Ledger’s performance (to me, this conjures Bob Dylan and I’m Not There), and those actors are Johhny Depp, Jude Law, and Collin Farrell.

In the film, Ledger’s character reportedly falls through a “magical mirror” into an alternate reality, and thus the caveat of these three actors’ interpretations is further supported. But even sans that plot point, this could turn out to be a quite inspiring and tasteful send off to the young actor.

I’ve loved most of the films Terry Gilliam has made over the years so I’m happy to hear they’ve found a way to finish this latest one and pay tribute to an actor lost before his time. I wasn’t a huge Heath Ledger fan, but this is a pretty cool way to pay tribute to him.

3 thoughts on “Three actors to take over from Heath Ledger in “Dr. Parnassus.”

  1. As long as it’s not akin to what Ed Wood did to cover for Bela Lugosi’s untimely demise in the original “Night of the Living Dead”…  Then again, if it’s that cheesy, I might actually be more inclined to see the movie.

    Yes, this makes me a Grade-A @$$#01e.  I guess I’m just so emeffin’ sick of people wringing their hands over the self-inflicted travails of photogenic rich people that I really don’t much care anymore.  @#$%^&* Britney.  @#$%^&* Anna Nicole.  @#$%^&* Lindsay and Nicole and the whole vapid narcissistic lot.  How many people with nary a pot to piss in die in the gutter every friggin’ day without so much as a back page blurb—much less a gazillion MySpace tributes?

    Sorry if I sound like I’m dumping on you, Les. That’s not the intention. I’m just having one of those blinding-flash-of-reality weeks, wherein a months-old death is whapping me upside the head with a proverbial two-by-four like I just got the phone call today.  (My brain is weird like that.) 

    And so I shake my impotent fist at the heavens, wondering why the fatal overdose of an actor from a movie I never saw takes precedence over the overdose that’s still reberverating through my family. 

    Yes, it’s stupid thing to wonder about, and don’t think that I don’t know it.  But that’s just where my head is at the moment.  Mercifully, I’ll shut up about it now. 

    Back on topic, I have no doubt that Gilliam will pull it out, ‘spesh’ly with the likes of Law and Depp and Farrell to work with.

  2. One reason the accidental overdose of an actor from a movie you never saw takes precedence over most overdoses is that the reason this one was fatal is the combining of several meds, somewhat like what many of us do. Kind of like a wake-up call. Also, this rich person actually had some talent, unlike so many others you mentioned. He also was exhausted and suffering from lack of sleep, which is a state of mind we often find ourselves in. I wasn’t much of a fan until I saw how well he portrayed the emotions that Ang Lee directed him to do. Having lived through similar circumstances also made me a little more empathetic. Sorry you are going through some tough times in your family, also. And, yes, I agree that with Law and Depp and Farrell to work with it may just be a great send-off.

  3. Probably would not have even looked twice at this movie until I saw Jude’s name on it…he’ll get me there every time…and more than once, too. But I love that Depp is in it, and Farrell, too. I think this makes it very intriguing, actually.

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