The amazing power of unnecessary censorship.

Like a lot of my peers I grew up watching Sesame Street as a kid and one of my favorite characters was The Count. I don’t know why, but I always thought he was a hoot, both him and the Cookie Monster.

Anyway, the following video clip of The Count singing The Count’s Song demonstrates how the well-known BLEEP often used to censor naughty words on TV can make things worse by leaving it to your imagination. It’s The Count singing his song but with a specific word bleeped out and, if you’re an evil bastard like I am, the results are very funny and very adult.

Somehow this makes me like The Count that much more.

14 thoughts on “The amazing power of unnecessary censorship.

  1. I knew it was only a matter of time before those #$@!* over at PBS decided to go R-rated in order to increase viewership! Gotta get donations somehow right ya commie #*@*&!!?.

    What’s next, public string cuttings!?! Felt on Felt action!? Are we going to see what everyone already knows goes on in Burt and Ernie’s bedroom when the camera is turned off?!?! Will we find out what Ernie really does with that Rubber Duckie!?!?

    This is just an outrage! Somebody pull the funding on this filth right now or I am going to have to write to my senator (the one not running for POTUS) and really complain, a lot!

  2. Reminds me of the old animated commercial for Isodets. Isodets were a throat lozenge and the commercial featured a Dracula stand-in who says (Que Bela Lugosi accent):

    “Isodets contain benzocain; a local anesthetic. When you contract a cold, Isodets relieves the minor aches and pains. So never take Isodets. Never! They spoil all my fun.”

  3. Well, there you go-Moloch and I agree on something.  That was hilarious. 
    Although I kept waiting for the old vampire standard-
    “I vant to suck your BLEEP.”

  4. OK, I watched it a second time and I could swear the bleeped word isn’t “count” (thought it obviously is).  Is it just my dirty mind or are there bleeps that sound like they end in a hard “K” and some that sound like they start with an “F”?  Maybe I’m just so used to hearing Fuck and other “dirty” words bleeped out that my mind is just automatically adding those extra sounds.  Anybody?

  5. He’s saying “count” according to the lyrics here:

    Is it just my dirty mind or are there bleeps that sound like they end in a hard “K” and some that sound like they start with an “F”?

    It sounds like that to me too. Maybe we’re so conditioned to expect to hear “fuck” in our minds when words are bleeped that we get fooled into hearing the “F” and hard “K” which do not exist.

  6. It’s also possible that the bleep they’re using is taken from a soundtrack that was bleeping out the word ‘fuck’ in which case the bleep itself could be opening with an F sound and finishing with a K sound.

    But I think it’s more likely our brains are filling it in.

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