Taking a snow day.

We got clobbered with close to eight inches of snow last night so I ended up staying home from work today. Which isn’t good in part because I stayed home on Wednesday as well because we lost power and I wasn’t able to get ready for work properly in the morning. Still, after I got up this morning and saw the number of accidents on the freeways, I decided there wasn’t much point in trying to make my way into work. Especially when they were planning on sending me out to Ypsilanti today to hand out laptops to four new hires because the guy that would normally do it was too busy to handle it. I took a gamble that the four people most likely wouldn’t be showing up today either, seeing as they’re automotive workers and probably have fairly generous paid time off contrary to yours truly.

This morning was spent shoveling the snow off the driveway and now I’m back inside catching up on email and thinking about which game I want to play. Anyone else get snowed in today?

3 thoughts on “Taking a snow day.

  1. We got about four inches and your Dad was out this morning plowing with the tractor.  Your Ride drove him to dialysis and lucky me I don’t have to go anywhere.  Stay warm everyone!

  2. Pacific Northwest is locked down pretty well as of last night.  Both roads heading north to Spokane, WA were closed.  I90 West over the Cascades into Seattle was closed.  Highway 12 East into Montana was closed.  Washington State U and U of Idaho both announced that classes were suspended again today.

    I think the expansion to Supreme Commander will call to me after I get some paperwork filed.

  3. We had almost a foot of snow drop overnight in Juneau, Alaska.  Only thing that got shut down was the airport’s flights for a good part of the morning.  It was another white knuckle drive into work this morning though.  I’m hoping they’ve plowed the roads before I have to head home.

    At least the skiing tomorrow on the mountains should be fantastic.

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