Sony’s new USB turntable lets you digitize your old records.

This would probably be the perfect gift for my brother who has a massive collection of vinyl records, but not so much for me. While I do have some records around someplace I couldn’t tell you if they’re in the boxes we have in the basement waiting for us to move back into our own place or if they’re in boxes in my parent’s basement because I didn’t have room in our old apartment for them. It’s only a handful anyway as CDs hit the scene right around the time that I hit high school and I ended up collecting most of my music collection in that format as a result. (As an aside, it still amazes me that my daughter has never known a time when CDs didn’t exist.)

But for folks like my brother who have a large collection of black circular discs sitting around gathering dust that would like to get those songs into their MP3 players the gang at Sony has come up with a solution:

Apparently Sony found out they just don’t make ‘em like they used to and whipped up a belt-driven USB turntable: the PS-LX300USB. It’ll export your 33s and 45s through Sound Forge Audio Studio (bundled) and has its own pre-amp, but Sony, you’re living in the past, man. It’ll go for $150 next month—just sell off a Northern soul single or two to cover costs.

This isn’t the first USB enabled turntable I’ve seen, but it looks to be one of the better ones and I hadn’t written about them previously so this seemed like a good excuse. Of course you could just skip the expense and hassle and download MP3s of your old albums straight off the Internet, but that would take all the fun out of it.

3 thoughts on “Sony’s new USB turntable lets you digitize your old records.

  1. My father already did this years ago using the audio inputs on his sound card. It would have been awesome for him in 2000 when he started, but I think he’s pretty much boxed everything up and decided that he’s never again going to bother with a turntable again. It took him years to finish.

  2. Thanks for the heads up.
    I have about 500 LPs, and have been thinking of converting them to CDs for ages. The inclusion of Sound Forge, and being a Sony product, sounds a better bet then the el-cheapo one they sell at Tandy’s.

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