Jesus taken hostage in wiener poopie dispute!

This was simply too amusing not to share:

Sent in by SEB regular Brooks.

8 thoughts on “Jesus taken hostage in wiener poopie dispute!

  1. C’mon, Jeanne, EVERY little bit of poopie!? You clean up EVERY little bit of poopie EVERY time you take the weinies out?

    These people have been doing serious surveillance on you, Jeanne. And they have your JESUS!! It’s time to admit your sins and beg forgiveness!

    She had to be stopped. That poopie thing was WAY out of control.

  2. To bad it was returned.

    The next time some fundy asked me if I had “found Jesus as my personal saviour”, I could have replied, “Nope, not yet.  Apparently, he’s being held hostage somewhere in Michigan over a bit of dog shite.”

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