I’m ready for spring.

If only because trying to gauge how bad the morning commute is going to be is starting to be a real pain. Anne woke me up early today because she was seeing her parents off as they left for a two week trip to Florida and the morning news was reporting that traffic was just this side of being an apocalypse because there was slush and freezing rain all over the place, supposedly. I say “supposedly” because I could hear rain falling outside our bedroom window and it didn’t sound like freezing rain and I seriously doubted driving was as bad as they were claiming it was. At least not in our area.

And I was right. I ended up arriving at work an hour early, which would be fine except that there’s no one else here to let me into the office where I do the voodoo that I do on a day to day basis. The fellow with the keys showed up five minutes ago allowing me to do something other than sit in the hallway and try not to fall back to sleep. This is going to make today a very long day, though if this is the worst I have to worry about then I probably shouldn’t be complaining.

Official word has it that we’re supposed to get between two to four inches of snow during the day today with another one to two inches overnight, which isn’t all that bad. Especially after having temps in the 50’s the past two days having melted all of the snow we had previously. Still the long parades of gray days has been affecting my moods a bit more than usual so I could do with a few more sunny ones. Today I’ll just be grumpy from lack of sleep.

5 thoughts on “I’m ready for spring.

  1. The commute is one reason that I retired early.  Two hours to travel 23 miles each way took too much of a bite out of my day.  Now I work part-time, my new job is 10 minutes from my house.  The pay is crap, but I don’t use as much gas.  Yes, there were times that I slept in my car before work, or fell asleep while driving – scary!

    By the way, here in balmy Maryland, its 50 degrees, the birds are singing spring songs, and my tomato plants have come up!

    Life is good.


  2. Here in Vienna, it’s about 65 F, which is unseasonably warm.  Hasn’t been any snow since before Christmas.  Another global warming winter.

    My commute is not so bad- 15 minutes with the bike, or ten minutes with the train and walking.

  3. Current conditions in Iowa:
    28 degrees
    14 mph winds
    snowing, predicted additional accumulation: 8-10 inches (we’ve already had 6-8 inches).

    Wheeee!  :p

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