I thought I had avoided it, but they got me in the end.

What am I talking about? Why the Cold Virus du jour of course. Between no less than a half dozen coworkers and half of the family members at home, I’ve managed to avoid catching the sniffles. Until last night. Felt the first itchy symptoms of drainage last night and have been sneezing my damn head off all day. Pretty sure it’s just a cold and not the flu because I feel fine other than the raw throat and a bit tired. The flu shots we got seem to have worked, though flu season doesn’t end in Michigan until May so there’s still a chance. We’re in for double the fun because Anne’s feeling the onset as well. We’re supposed to be going up to see my mother this weekend to celebrate her birthday (which is this Friday), but if we’re not feeling better we might see if we can postpone it by a weekend.

On the good news side, through a fortunate turn of events involving some PC work on the side and taking advantage of a President’s Day sale, Anne and I are the proud owners of a new mattress set and frame. We went out last Sunday and picked out a mid-range set and it was delivered today. Considering the old mattress is older than my daughter and we’ve not gotten a good night sleep on them in years we figured it was about time. The new set arrived today, just in time for me to lay around getting cold germs all over it. Oddly enough there’s a certain feeling of joy at the thought of laying around on comfortable new mattresses while being sick as a dog.

3 thoughts on “I thought I had avoided it, but they got me in the end.

  1. Sorry to hear you’re ill, but enjoy that mattress!  At least a bit of comfort, eh?  Old beds can just suck all the joy out of resting.

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